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The hunt for a killer across the border

The journey of more than 2 months to hunt down the culprits who killed and robbed motorbike taxis full of thrill and excitement of criminal soldiers in the southernmost part of the country is an unforgettable story.

The car of fate

That morning, people who went to the market early were shocked when they discovered the body of a man about 40 years old lying on the inter-village road in group 10, Can Dat hamlet, My Thuan commune, Hon Dat district, Kien Giang province. The victim’s body had a cut across the neck and several stab wounds. Bad news quickly spread, causing a stir, bewilderment and anxiety among the public in this purely agricultural countryside.

Upon receiving the news, the Criminal Police Department of the Kien Giang Provincial Police Department presided over and coordinated with professional units to immediately go down to the scene to examine and grasp the situation and track down the perpetrators according to hot traces. The scene where the body was discovered is located on an inter-village road away from residential areas, on both sides of the road are rice fields. There were many frozen bloodstains on the pavement.

The hunt for a killer across the border - Photo 1.

Soc Tha at the headquarters of the Investigation Agency.

Senior Colonel Dang Viet Hung – Deputy Head of the Criminal Police Department said that through an autopsy, it was found that the victim died due to a very deep cut across the neck, causing a cut in the trachea, esophagus and aorta. 1 stab wound in the ribs resulted in acute blood loss. This mark was made by a sharp object, the time of death was determined to be from the night before. One thing that particularly caught the attention of investigators was that the victim was still wearing a helmet, but at the scene, no vehicle was found, no identification papers, no phone…

While the autopsy council continued to search, collect and record traces and evidences, 4 scouts belonging to the Criminal Police Department coordinated with the Hon Dat District Police to spread out to places where they immediately deployed the police. working to grasp the situation of the case to organize the pursuit of the perpetrator according to hot traces. The investigation force assessed that from the scene, the perpetrator could have escaped in 4 different directions, so it is necessary to check on a fairly wide range. The research on security cameras in public places and houses was immediately deployed, taking the scene as the focal point to expand the inspection area along the highways.

Another urgent thing is to urgently track down and identify the victim’s whereabouts. Through mass mobilization to provide information related to the case and verify cases of absenteeism at the place of residence, combined with studying the reports of missing relatives in Hon Dat district and In neighboring districts, clues about the victim’s whereabouts appeared. That is Mr. Nguyen Van Lam, born in 1977, residing in Ta Loc hamlet, Soc Kien commune, Hon Dat district, practicing motorbike taxi drivers.

According to information provided by his family, Mr. Lam used a Future brand motorcycle, BKS 95C1-130.55 to carry passengers from the evening of January 22, 2019, until dawn, he was found killed. The stolen property included the motorbike mentioned above and a Samsung phone.

Hunt down the culprit

Considering the particularly serious nature of the case, Colonel Luu Thanh Tin – Deputy Director and Head of the Police Department of Kien Giang Province directed professional forces to establish a special investigation case to focus on maximum concentration. forces, means and measures to solve crimes and search for perpetrators. At this point, many theories have been put forward. The first priority is the murder case and robbery, the culprit may be the customer who took Mr. Lam’s motorbike taxi on the night of January 22, not excluding those who knew the victim because of the location of the incident. The murder is located on the inter-village road, not a public place with a large concentration of people… Besides, it is hypothesized that the victim has a conflict in work and life, was killed by the object blocking the way to kill or the drug addicts. floods, gambling crimes in the midst of poverty are also put in place. The special project committee has mobilized hundreds of officers and soldiers from many forces, together with the police of the relevant districts in a large-scale investigation.

The scouts spread out to verify the social relations of Mr. Lam, searched for witnesses to set up a schedule of the victim’s activities before the time of being murdered. Many criminal subjects, prisoners, drug addicts, gamblers, etc. have been included in the review and screening. Public places where Mr. Lam can pick up passengers are meticulously screened to find people who may know certain details of the investigation.

The hunt for the killer across the border - Photo 2.

Soc Tha object.

As a result, the project team received important information, that is, around 9 pm on January 22, before driving a motorbike taxi, Mr. Lam had a drink at an uncle’s house with his wife. While eating and drinking, Mr. Lam heard a phone call and said he had to carry regular customers at the bridge area 283. His uncle intervened because it was late at night, but Mr. Lam said he had to try to earn money for medicine for his sick mother in the hospital. .

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Ngoc Hien – Deputy Chief of Hon Dat District Police said that from this source, the activity of reviewing and extracting camera data on traffic routes continued to be extended to all roads in the district and from here go to other locations to look for pictures of the perpetrator and the victim’s activities. At the same time, the review, verification, and calls to question criminal subjects in question, showing signs of behavioral and economic confusion, and those who are absent from their places of residence or inns in the area .. . was deployed in parallel with the search for evidence of the case, which is the victim’s motorbike and phone at pawn shops, shops selling used motorbikes and phones throughout the province. The notice of searching for the perpetrator and evidence was also sent to all police units in the province and neighboring provinces… However, despite implementing a huge amount of work, it has not been collected yet. What could possibly lead to the perpetrator of the case.

Fragile traces

Undeterred, the scouts continued to follow the mission in the special combat plan. And then the clue appeared. A scouting team, while reviewing the area of ​​bridge 283, on Highway 80 towards Kien Luong, Ha Tien received important information from a family selling water along the highway, that around 21:00 on January 22, there was a A man in his 60s, wearing glasses and a helmet walks to the shop to buy a soft drink. While drinking water, this person called to tell someone about 15 minutes to come here to pick him up to take him to the Channel 2 area.

And yet, the camera review team discovered that at a location about 40 km from the crime scene, there was a camera that recorded an image of a man with the same characteristics as the person who entered the restaurant to call a motorbike taxi. The special committee determined that this person was very likely to be involved in the case. All cameras in public places and houses on National Highway 80 are extracted data for investigation.

As expected, the camera at Soc Soai toll station recorded this person sitting behind a motorbike passing the station. Although there are images to identify the suspect, who he is and where is still a big question. The Kien Giang Provincial Police have mobilized all efforts to search for people with characteristics recorded by the camera. Activities to check and check the people staying in the area near the scene, compare with the suspect’s image were deployed simultaneously. The results discovered that the suspect had rented a motel since January 2019 but had left, leaving in the motel room some personal belongings and a driving license named Duong Van Canh in Phu Tan, An Giang.

The flash of hope soon faded when the verification team in An Giang reported that Mr. Canh had died before… 4 years ago, his identity papers had been lost for a long time. Thus, the suspect pasted his photo on Mr. Canh’s driver’s license for daily use. At the same time, information appeared about a derelict motorbike, abandoned at Khanh An wharf, An Phu district, An Giang province. As a result of the seizure and inspection, it was determined that this was the car that was stolen from Lam’s victim, left by a man. The situation that the perpetrator had escaped from the evidence made the search even more difficult.

The hunt for the killer across the border - Photo 3.

Colonel Luu Thanh Tin – Deputy Director of Kien Giang Provincial Police.

Unexpectedly revealed

It has been more than a month of investigation, but the perpetrator is still shrouded in mystery with the anxiety, fatigue and torment of the crime-solving force. Then, coincidentally, during a review of the file of a special case against a river crime group from March 2017 that had been filed, the detective of the Criminal Police Department suddenly recognized a person in the photo. The secret shooting of the subjects in the special case is very similar to the suspect in the murder and robbery of a motorbike that they have been searching for but in vain. The file also had full information about him. That is Soc Tha (born in 1955, residing in Luong An Tra commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province) with 3 previous convictions for robbery in 1983, murder in 2011, and is wanted for abusing trust. appropriation of property.

When it was determined that Soc Tha was the one who needed to be captured, the atmosphere in the battle was really boiling. The working groups immediately set out to search for him. It is known that Soc Tha has 3-4 wives and mistresses in An Giang, Kien Giang and in Cambodia, currently absent from residence. A concubine of his said, in a contact home in January 2019, Soc Tha said he was staying in Hon Dat district, Kien Giang. This coincides with the time of the crime. Up to this point, Soc Tha has had many signs of being the culprit of the case, from his personal background, current activities to documents obtained on pictures, about him calling a motorbike taxi near the present day. school prior to the incident.

However, being the subject of a fugitive, with a rogue past with cross-border relationships, wandering… so the journey to find him was really tough and thrilling. The crime-solving force was divided into 4 shots, synchronously deploying professional measures to determine the hiding place of this guy. By early March, there was information that the suspect was hiding at a casino in Bonteay Meancheay province (bordering Thailand, about 700km from the crime scene). The Kien Giang Provincial Police have reported to the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security and the Standing Provincial Party Committee about the plan to coordinate with the Royal Cambodian Police to deploy professional measures to arrest the suspect.

With the close coordination of the authorities in your country, taking advantage of the suspect’s black and red gambling passion, a plan to “make” the subject leave the casino, move to gamble in a forest far from the border. The Vietnam-Cambodia border about 5 km is deployed perfectly. While passionate about killing and punishing, Soc Tha was caught by the Royal Cambodian Police in coordination with the special case committee. On the way back to Vietnam, he confessed to the whole murder of Mr. Lam in order to rob the car and determine the price he had to pay when he returned to the court.

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