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Thinking of marrying a rich husband, the girl was shocked to find that she fell into the trap of a scammer

According to Sohu, Tieu Diep in Shenzhen (China) is an extroverted and extremely lively girl. She accidentally met Truong Kien while attending a friend’s party. This man’s generous and relaxed demeanor quickly caught the young girl’s attention.

While conversing with Tieu Diep, Truong Kien introduced himself from a rich family, a luxury villa with nothing lacking. In particular, he boasted that he was single and a shareholder of a company that was listed on the stock exchange.

Thinking of marrying a rich husband, the girl was shocked to find that she had fallen into the trap of a scammer - Photo 1.

The girl thought she would find a rich husband, but she was deceived in both love and money. Illustration

Not long after the party, Tieu Diep and Truong Kien openly fell in love and then got married. When she was pregnant with her first child, she decided to quit her job at home to focus on taking care of her pregnancy and being a housewife.

However, since having children, Truong Kien often mentioned asking Tieu Diep to borrow money. He said the company was in need of capital rotation and confirmed that he would repay the loan and give Tieu Diep some money to buy.

However, this man suddenly disappeared as soon as he got a loan. Debt collection calls often make Tieu Diep go crazy, do all sorts of things to find out where her husband is.

When she discovered a strange phone number to call her husband, Tieu Diep immediately tried to call and found out that the person on the other end of the line was his ex-girlfriend. Even more surprised, this girl revealed that Truong Kien had cheated a large amount of money.

At this time, Tieu Diep suddenly remembered that she had transferred more than 100,000 yuan that she had accumulated over the years to Truong Kien. Both victims, Tieu Diep and the other girl teamed up to find the man who cheated in the hope of getting back the lost money.

Tieu Diep later discovered that the villa that Truong Kien lived in was rented, he was in fact just a driver. In particular, this man was once married but divorced, the two’s common daughter is living with her mother.

Not long ago, a woman in China could not help but be shocked and hurt when she discovered her husband’s “heavenly” secret. Specifically, during a time when she accidentally looked at her husband’s phone, Ms. Lu accidentally discovered that he was gay.

Faced with her interrogation, the husband confessed everything, and said that he married just to hide his true gender. Unable to accept the painful truth, Ms. Liu filed for divorce that same night.

However, it seems that due to being hurt too deeply and thinking through it, Ms. Lu chose to end her life by jumping off a building. It is known that this woman had cut her wrist to commit suicide before.

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