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2 executions of a beautiful female murderer who murdered her lover (part 13)

On the morning of April 1, 2005, the People’s Court of Fangzheng District, Heilongjiang Province (China) held an execution ceremony for a couple, including a woman. homicidal Tat Le Mai. The execution site was under a mountain not far from the city. The police stretched the ropes to prevent people from getting too close to the court. From early in the morning, many people from all over came to the trial, including those who wanted to witness the beauty of the Harbin female killer, and there were also those who wanted to witness Tat Le Mai’s confession with her own eyes. the deceased…

At 11 a.m., the trial panel arrived at the court, and Tat Le Mai was also escorted. Tat Le Mai is tall, slim, with smooth black hair that stands out from the crowd. However, the face of the female death row inmate was no longer as vibrant as before.

After the execution took place, the police took pictures of the two bodies and put them in bags to take to the crematorium. Tat Le Mai’s father, Tat Vu Cuong was waiting at the door of the crematorium. After seeing his daughter’s body, he cried and cried. Tat Vu Cuong hired someone to make up his daughter before cremation. The Tat family, who was standing outside crying and waiting to receive their daughter’s ashes, suddenly heard a scream of fear.

Curious, both the police and their family Tat pulled inside, they were stunned to see Tat Le Mai sitting on the table, the back of her neck still stained with a bit of blood. Police quickly called a forensic team to the crematorium, suspecting it was a postmortem bodily response. However, when the forensic officer called her name, Tat Le Mai moved her mouth, her eyes did not look like those of a dead person. A few minutes later they also saw tears flowing from the corner of her eyes.

When Tat Le Mai’s parents saw the police officer pull out a gun and put it in front of Tat Le Mai’s forehead, they cried, screamed, and begged them: “If my child can still survive the execution, maybe he won’t. should die, I beg of you, do not kill my child again. Let me take his place, let me die for him. Forgive it.”

However, in the past, killing for life, the law always punishes the right person for the right crime, Tat Le Mai cannot live. Once you can’t die, there must be a second time. Tat Le Mai must sooner or later execute her sentence.

Forensic staff helped Tat Le Mai lie down, as soon as she laid her back, the police officer shot two bullets into the head of the female death row inmate. The sound of gunfire mixed with the cry of Tat Le Mai’s mother.

According to previous reports, Tat Le Mai is a beautiful girl with a reputation in the region, but because of her family’s difficulties, she had to drop out of school as soon as she finished secondary school. In 2003, Tat Le Mai opened a beauty salon and had an important relationship. weak system equivalent to the victim, Chiang Lai Nghia.

As for Chiang Lai Nghia, he was the only son of the Chiang family. Chiang Lai Nghia’s mother is a difficult person to get pregnant, so he is the hope, pride and everything to his parents. At that time, in order for his son to go to university, Chiang Lai Nghia’s father sold the whole house. Later, knowing that Chiang Lai Nghia loved Tat Le Mai, the couple was really happy, and always urged Chiang Lai Nghia to bring Tat Le Mai back to be their daughter-in-law.

However, born in difficult circumstances from a young age, Tat Le Mai soon formed a pragmatism in her person. She met a richer man than Kim Van Nguyen, so she wanted to break up with Chiang Lai Nghia.

Chiang Lai Nghia suffers, finds ways to hold on to this love, making Tat Le Mai feel troublesome. On June 23, 2004, Tat Le Mai invited Chiang Lai Nghia to go to a mountain outside the city with the reason that “she has thought clearly, Kim Van Nguyen apart from having money, everything is far behind Chiang Lai Nghia” . Jiang Lai Nghia heard that, overjoyed, immediately went to meet his lover.

The case that shook China: 2 times executed a beautiful female murderer who killed her lover - Photo 2.

However, behind it is a terrifying person

Tat Le Mai said she wanted to climb the mountain with Chiang Lai Nghia to rekindle her old feelings. The victim happily agreed. After climbing almost to the top of the mountain, Tat Le Mai gave her lover a can of coke. After drinking, Chiang Lai Nghia died, inside the water can was poisoned by Tat Le Mai. The female killer then dumped Chiang Lai Nghia’s body at the foot of the mountain.

On July 8, 2004, Chiang Lai Nghia’s body was discovered in a state of many broken bones, strongly decomposing. After zoning the relationships for investigation, the police put Tat Le Mai on the list of suspects. However, at that time, the female killer was already running away. However, Tat Le Mai is not a professional killer, so there will be loopholes. Before running away, she borrowed 200,000 yuan from Kim Wanyuan to go to Guangzhou to attend a beauty course.

The police quickly traced the flight list, they discovered that Tat Le Mai did not go to Guangzhou but to Shenzhen, going abroad a few days later. Before leaving, Tat Le Mai called her parents, so the authorities quickly located where Tat Le Mai was hiding before she could fly abroad.

On December 28, 2004, Tat Le Mai was sentenced to death. The judgment was executed on April 1, 2009. Le Mai ended her life at the age of 22.

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