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Wife beat her husband to death with a wooden pestle

A conflicted couple came to a scuffle. The wife used a wooden bar to latch the door and beat the deaf-mute husband to the ground. After that, the wife continued to beat her husband with a wooden pestle, leading to death.

Today (April 28), the People’s Court of Nghe An province opened a first-instance trial to try defendant Hoang Thi Ngan (SN 1974, residing in Nam Linh commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An) for the crime of “Murder”. The victim in the case is Mr. Dinh Huu L. (SN 1972) is the husband of the accused.

As noted by PV, the trial attracted the attention of many people in Nam Linh commune (Nam Dan district). A neighbor said that Mr. L. was born deaf and mute. He worked very hard and took care of his family. In the process of living together, Ms. Ngan had harsh words and beat her husband. When Mr. L. discovered his wife had an illicit relationship, the conflict became more and more serious.

Accordingly, at dawn on 11/13/2021, Mr. and Mrs. L. had a conflict leading to a scuffle in the house. The wife beat her husband with a broom, then pulled out a wooden stick used to block the door and beat him again, causing Mr. L. to fall to the ground.

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Defendant Hoang Thi Ngan in front of the horseshoe – Photo: HL

Next, Ms. Ngan used a pestle to pound crabs and an iron bar and beat her husband continuously until Mr. L was motionless. Although Mr. L. was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, his life could not be saved.

The People’s Procuracy of Nghe An province prosecuted Ms. Ngan for “Murder”.

After carrying out the procedure for opening the trial, the Trial Panel today decided to postpone the trial due to the absence of the mother and 2 small children under 16 years old, who are the legal representatives of the victim.

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