The girl’s huge tumor and the warning about piercing all over her body

Nowadays, young people tend to have piercings all over their body to beautify or express their personality. However, this unorthodox beauty method is causing many unpredictable consequences.

On the afternoon of April 29, Hospital Beauty JW Korea, Ho Chi Minh City, said that she just had surgery to remove a large tumor in the ear for a girl from LNKMT (25 years old, living in Tien Giang), who suffered serious complications after piercing her ears to show her personality. .

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The girl’s unusually deformed ear hole after punching the hole shows “player”

In 7th grade, she was invited by friends to go to a gold shop in the market to pierce 6 holes in her ears to wear earrings to express her personality. Similar to many other gold shops, she was not disinfected or performed any steps to ensure safe sterility.

The owner of the gold shop just quickly used an ear piercing, directly punching 6 consecutive holes all over her ear.

By the 9th grade, the ear started to show signs of itching and discomfort, so I decided to remove the whole earring. Unexpectedly, only a short time later, the hole punched in the left ear lobe began to show signs of swelling, as big as a thumb.

The female patient was then taken by her family to a large hospital in Ho Chi Minh City to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. Later, the patient continued to inject drugs to inhibit tumor growth.

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Doctor Tu Dung and his colleagues removed the ear tumor for the girl

Thought everything was fine, but three years later, she was disillusioned when the tumor in the old position continued to show signs of hypertrophy, the tumor grew dark and calloused, which was extremely unsightly. Once again, she went to another hospital to have the tumor removed.

Recently, the tumor recurred, she went to the emergency room at JW Cosmetic Hospital Korea, the tumor had completely hardened, swollen with huge size.

Directly examining, Dr. Nguyen Phan Tu Dung, Director of JW Korea Cosmetic Hospital, was startled because he could not imagine that the tumor in the patient’s ear had grown to such a large size.

“The auricle is one of the particularly dangerous positions if we apply force because it is easy to cause complications because the cartilage of the ear is very sensitive, the skin is also very thin. Currently, the patient’s earlobes are hypertrophic and hypertrophic. More seriously, the tumor has gradually eaten into the ear, causing diffuse scarring.Patients need to cut the tumor immediately to avoid metastasis, making the condition more serious, even causing ear necrosis, affecting the ear. hearing” – Dr. Tu Dung information.

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Tumor was removed after 3 hours of surgical stress

After 3 hours of emergency surgery, Dr. Tu Dung and his colleagues successfully removed the tumor in the patient’s ear. Currently, the female patient is completely healthy after the surgery and continues to be monitored for treatment.

According to Dr. Tu Dung, the team must consider the surgery, remove it relatively because if completely removed, it can directly affect the function of the ear. The patient will need to continue to receive anti-scarring injections in the future to inhibit the possibility of recurrence.

“Currently, young people tend to have piercings all over the body to beautify or express themselves. However, it is this unorthodox beauty method that is causing many unpredictable consequences.“- Doctor Tu Dung emphasized.

The ear often drains pus, sometimes it stings and hurts. I feel so guilty because I have been suffering from this situation for nearly 10 years. It’s gone and it’s gone, so much so that sometimes I want to give up because I can’t cure it forever. It’s bad enough, this defect has greatly affected my work and life.”sister T. regrets.

According to the Employee

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