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Naraka is not LoL, SofM don’t forget WBG

Since the end of the 2022 LPL Spring Split, the Chinese LoL world has continuously received negative news. In particular, MSI 2022 makes the country of billions of people the focus of criticism. In addition, most recently, RNG did not receive the same high rating as T1 for the world throne. In the near future, the LPL representative promises to go through a tough fight to defend the championship.

Chinese newspaper: Naraka is not League of Legends, SofM don't forget WBG - Photo 1.

SofM is causing a fever in the Esports world in other games, League of Legends

In addition, the teams that did not attend MSI 2022 will prepare for the summer journey. Despite the noise, gamers are still actively climbing the Korean rank. Then, a star who was not practicing League of Legends suddenly caused a fever. It’s SofM, the WBG “Forest God”.

The 24-year-old star is working hard on solo queue Naraka: Bladepoint. Not only marking with a series of impressive statistics, Duy Cau Giay also ranked 45th highest. Accordingly, his talent is enough to compete in the big tournament.

SofM’s achievements quickly resonated throughout the Chinese Esports world. Fans all acknowledge Duy Cau Giay’s multi-talent in games. In addition, Sohu He also compared the Vietnamese star on the same level as the legendary Faker. Even, Game Anchor Network share, if SofM attends Naraka: Bladepoint, this is an honor for LPL.

Chinese newspaper: Naraka is not League of Legends, SofM don't forget WBG - Photo 2.

SofM bombarded the game Naraka: Bladepoint

However, at present, many opinions are concerned about SofM being too crazy about this game. Rather, not playing normally, he tends to be addicted to Naraka: Bladepoint. In terms of a League of Legends player, this is extremely harmful. Because, in the near future, Duy Cau Giay will also fight with WBG in the LPL Summer 2022.

According to Game Anchor Network, SofM don’t forget that he is considered a key star with the home team. The biggest task with the 24-year-old “Forest God” is to train with his teammates to train the League of Legends team. After an unsatisfactory spring run, the WBG must set higher goals in the summer of 2022.

Before that, SofM showed negligence when addicted to Naraka: Bladepoint. Specifically, after being eliminated from the German Cup 2021, Duy Cau Giay immediately invited his teammates to play the above game. There, instead of expressing regret, he rejoiced at returning to another passion.

Accordingly, fans hope that no matter what, SofM needs to stay awake and know where they belong.
Chinese newspaper: Naraka is not League of Legends, SofM don't forget WBG - Photo 3.

SofM should focus on training team with WBG for LPL Summer 2022

Le Quang Duy (born February 5, 1998), commonly known by the nickname SofM, ie Style of Me. In addition, he also has other popular names such as Sop, Black Fat, Duy Cau Giay or the Golden Boy of Vietnam League of Legends, Vietnam Forest God, Game King. He is a Vietnamese player, but is playing in China. Importantly, SofM is very popular and is considered the LPL Forest God.

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