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Why buying a 30k cup of milk tea a day can cost you 2.4 billion dong?

Recently, the topic of “abstinence” to drink 1 cup of 30k milk tea a day, after 40 years, you naturally have 2.4 billion dong in your account, causing a stir among netizens. A part doubts about the authenticity of the number 2.4 billion, besides there are people who think that “living like that is too much”, when they cannot “reward” themselves a cup of milk tea.

The problem seems new but in fact always exists in modern life today. The story of whether to live to the fullest for today, or to accumulate for the future, is no longer strange. Everyone understands that in order to become richer, it is necessary to accumulate a small amount of money. But that’s the theory, practice is never easy. For example, less than 1 cup of milk tea 30k per day.

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Is it really not drinking a cup of milk tea 30k / day, 40 years naturally has 2.4 billion?

Hearing this, perhaps many people really do not believe in this calculation. However, only with the help of compound interest – called by Albert Einstein “the eighth wonder of the world”. Compound interest is the profit of a deposit that is calculated based on both the original principal amount and accrued interest from previous periods. Or to put it simply, compound interest is the money you earn on top of your interest.

The longer you save or invest, the greater the compound interest. The interest-on-interest effect can produce profits that continually grow based on your initial investment. Therefore, the sooner you save or invest, the greater the profit.

And can be sure of one thing that, at the age of 20, you reduce 1 cup of milk tea, deposit that money into a savings account with an interest rate of 7-8%, 40 years later, you will naturally have 2.4 billion dong appears in your account.

A 30k cup of milk tea is just an example of a bigger story. It also involves small regular expenses but costs a lot and has been featured in a book by David Bach called “Latte Factor”.

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The problem is not a 30k cup of milk tea, or a luxurious 80k Starbucks coffee, it’s a story about “desired” expenses that can be omitted and accumulated over time into a larger sum of money. . Especially, when today’s young people tend to “take down their wallets” for more unnecessary items and consider it a way to heal themselves.

Shopping stimulates all the senses. The smell of new items. The showroom is flooded with sunlight. Or the clothes are arranged in a harmonious color combination. Or treat yourself to a cup of milk tea every day. It all creates an experience felt by all the senses, full of imagination. It helps us to disappear into our own reality, even if only for a short time.

However, that is also how “desired” items or petty expenses “eat away” your wallet. It’s the same in the savings story, if you “accumulate” to spend more on seemingly small items, after only a few years, you will realize that it is a huge number. giant. For example, every day 1 cup of milk tea 30k, ie 1 month will spend 900k, 1 year is 10.8 million VND – a not small number, not to mention the opportunity cost you lose to this “money” make money”.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

Agree that everyone needs some money to spend for themselves, the pleasures in life. A stressful working day, drink 1 cup of tea to “shock” the spirit, it’s okay. However, it cannot be used as an “excuse” to indulge too much. Items that may not be worth much in your mind, 30k or 40k. However, the accumulation over time is not small.

Surely you are no stranger to the story of going to the supermarket and planning to buy about 200-300k, but when you pay, you realize the bill has reached 600-700k. It is also due to thinking “what are 30-40k items worth”. From that point of view it can be easy to create an overspending story, spending more than you earn, especially when you’re not in the habit of managing your monthly expenses.

Sometimes you also forget what you really need. Do you really need 1 cup of milk tea a day to be happier? On the other hand, avoiding the smallest unnecessary expenses like this will gradually help you become more aware of the small amounts that you previously thought were not important.

  Why buying a 30k cup of milk tea a day can cost you 2.4 billion dong?  - Photo 3.

Cut down on a fancy cup of milk tea in the store and replace it with a cheaper homemade one; Skip a dozen cheap trendy dresses that can be worn a few times to choose a good dress that can be used for a long time; cut down on some premium accounts that you don’t experience all of the service to switch to a regular account that meets all your needs… All these small changes don’t take away any of your joy.

No one can stop you from “buying” your own joy from time to time, but stay within your limits. However, don’t let yourself become more stressed by spending too much money, then continue to “strike over your forehead” because the pressure is too much, and the cycle of getting poorer and worse continues. Each coin accumulated will help you “buy” a portion of future life equity. Financial comfort or misery due to debt is also from the smallest actions.

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