Why do people need to eat rice every day? Experts reveal extremely interesting things

Rice is the staple food of Vietnam and many other Asian countries. The Vietnamese are associated with wet rice agriculture and typically include rice – vegetables – fish or meat. Therefore, the role of rice is always emphasized in daily meals. Rice not only provides energy for the body to function properly, but also helps control blood pressure and fight cancer.

However, today, many people believe that eating rice is the cause of obesity and metabolic disorders. This is a misconception that makes rice gradually lose its important position in the meal.

Doctor, Doctor Nguyen Trong Hung – Head of the Department of Adult Nutrition Examination and Consulting (National Institute of Nutrition) analyzed: “In a meal for high-class animals like humans, it is very necessary to have carbohydrates (rice). The reason is the central nervous system. Humans must use glucose to maintain activity”.

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Rice is an important food of Vietnamese people.

“Lack of carbohydrates, the body will become sluggish, affecting the agility of the brain. Therefore, all nutritional recommendations for adults in a day must eat 130 – 150 grams of carbohydrates to nourish the body. On the other hand, when we have more mental and physical activities, we need to add more carbohydrates.”

In addition to providing the body and brain activity, rice also helps control blood pressure. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure are advised not to skip meals.

Rice is also rich in vitamins D, niacin, calcium, fiber, riboflavin, iron and thiamine. All these essential nutrients for the body will strengthen the immune system and help balance the general activities of the body.

According to Dr. Hung, the role of rice in the diet is very important. In a healthy meal, we must provide at least 50g of powdered sugar to nourish the body. Currently, some people have the trend of eating less starch, even not eating to lose weight. This way of eating in the long run will have a bad effect on the body.

During the biochemical process, starch is converted into water and CO2. However, when eating less rice, usually people will have to increase protein and fat. The process of metabolism of these substances will create substances that are not beneficial to the body. For good health, everyone should supplement with a balance and variety of substances.

“Rice is an indispensable food for the body. However, we must choose to eat in a reasonable and balanced way,” said Dr. Hung.

According to nutrition experts, being reasonable is the foundation of health and wisdom. A reasonable diet meets the body’s needs in different stages of life, prevents diseases for a healthy body, good health, high labor productivity and quality of life. good.

The main family meal therefore plays an extremely important role and needs to be ensured in both quantity and quality. A balanced meal needs to have enough 4 food groups: carbohydrates (mainly from grains), protein groups (meat, fish, eggs, milk, legumes, beans…), and substances. fats (animal fats, vegetable oils), vitamins and minerals (vegetables, tubers, fruits…).

According to Ngoc Minh

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