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Which neighbor is the cat thief?

You should rely on the testimony of neighbors and observe the drawings to identify the thief.

Question 1: When she got home from work, Maria discovered that the door of the house was open and her pet cat disappeared. She saw a handwritten note on the table, asking to prepare a $10,000 ransom tomorrow afternoon or she would never see her pet cat again.

Maria is suspicious of the three neighbors. Peter said he was allergic to cats. Judi said she already has two cats and doesn’t want any more. Sam said his wife had just given birth, taking care of the small child was tiring enough.

Who is the cat thief?

Quiz: Which neighbor is the cat thief?


Verse 2: When the husband returned, the house was very quiet. He didn’t look at the clock on the wall, but he knew it was already late. He lay on the bed, trying to fall asleep, but kept awake. When two cars passed by with their lights on through the windows, he looked up at his watch, then looked down again under the bed and saw his wife lying there, dead.

Why did the husband suddenly look under the bed?

Quiz: Which neighbor is the cat thief?  - first


Question 3: A customer got food poisoning while eating a burger at a fast food restaurant. The police questioned the people involved to find out the cause.

The store owner insists his employees do not do so. The cleaning staff scrubbed the toilet with detergent all morning, then went to wash their hands and rest. The chef said the poisoning had never happened, he was always extremely careful and washed his hands before cooking.

Why do customers get poisoned?

Quiz: Which neighbor is the cat thief?  - 2


Question 4: Kyle’s family arrived home to find the main door open, with a policeman inside. He said the alarm went off an hour ago so he came to check. Kyle’s family saw no sign of a break-in, but suspected the officer was a fake. Why?

Quiz: Which neighbor is the cat thief?  - 3


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