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Humanity or lack of education?

Our Blues attracted the attention of the public when marking the combination of the famous cast and the story imbued with love – family love of people living in the Jeju island region of Korea. Among them, occupying the most spotlight is Young Joo’s love story (Roh Yoon Seo) and Jung Hyun (Bae Hyun Sung) – two high school students.

Korean blockbuster controversial teen pregnancy: Humanity or lack of education?  - Photo 1.

Accordingly, both are excellent students of the school, when one is the class president and the other is the vice-class student and are in a romantic relationship with each other. However, because of going over the limit, Young Joo became pregnant. Standing on the threshold of the University, the future and the prohibition of two fathers, this pair of students decided to keep the child, give birth and raise the child by themselves. Besides sympathetic opinions for humanity, willing to take responsibility for the actions of two students; In order to bring the hot issue of society into the film, this story also received many mixed comments, even criticism.

Korean blockbuster controversial teen pregnancy: Humanity or lack of education?  - Photo 2.
Korean blockbuster controversial teen pregnancy: Humanity or lack of education?  - Photo 3.

Accordingly, many viewers suppose that vbusiness does not destroy the child, although it brings humanity to the film, it is lacking in education. USATeenage pregnancy is a hot issue that has been condemned for many years, seriously affecting the health of pregnant women, learning, future…

Along with that, the film builds the situation where the two characters are pregnant while sitting on the school chair and then gives viewers a sympathetic look for the two characters. is advocating for this alarming issue. The film deals with the issue of having a child at a young age, if there is no clear direction, it is also the cause of arousing and touching the love and sexual instincts of students. However, in reality Our Blues It also partly shows the reality, the price to pay when pregnant at the age of sitting on school chairs, thereby giving viewers a glimpse. It is more correct about sex education for children at this age, just as young people have to think about the consequences before deciding to do something that affects their future.

Netizen’s comment:

– I know it’s just an accident, but the story of the movie bringing two pregnant students and overcoming fear to keep the child makes everyone feel sorry for me, making me feel so worried.

– I know that the film reflects the reality, but please watch it as a warning bell for today’s teenagers.

– Don’t say the male lead is responsible anymore. While going to school, it’s wrong to fall in love until you’re pregnant.

– The movie is promoting the story of having children at school.

Source: My Family 3 Lives Watching Korean Movies, Our Blues

Our Blues aired on tvN every Saturday and Sunday night.

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