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Former head of Tay Ho Police Department was prosecuted for accepting bribes

HanoiFormer colonel Phung Anh Le (former head of Tay Ho District Police, former head of Economic Police Department of City Public Security) was accused of accepting a bribe of 110 million VND to spare the suspect.

Mr. Le, 55 years old, has just been prosecuted by the Supreme People’s Procuracy for the crime Bribery, according to Clause 2, Article 354 of the Penal Code; sentence frame 7-15 years in prison. Mr. Le was previously arrested to investigate the crime Illegally pardoning the arrested person, However, during the prosecution period, the Procuracy changed the crime.

Le’s other subordinates in the Tay Ho Police Department are Nguyen Duc Chau (49 years old, former captain of the criminal police), Vu Cong Ngoc (42 years old, former deputy chief of criminal police) and Le Dinh Trung (45 years old). age, former deputy police chief for criminal execution and judicial assistance) was indicted on charges of Illegally pardoning arrested persons, persons being held in custody or temporary detention, persons serving prison sentences, under Clause 1, Article 378 of the Penal Code. Penalties range from non-custodial reform for up to 3 years or imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years.

According to the indictment, in September 2016, Nguyen Huu Tai surrendered to his accomplices to arrest and beat a person who owed him money. When verifying, the criminal investigator found that Tai had signs of many other crimes, so he proposed temporary detention to investigate and arrest the suspects involved.

Tai was detained for 4 days, but his relatives found Mr. Phung Van Bay (the defendant’s uncle Le) for help. Mr. Bay then raised the issue and was agreed by Le to release Tai on the condition that he “pay” 110 million VND. On the evening of September 22, 2016, Mr. Bay went to defendant Le’s office, handed over the money and said: “I’ll see and help reconcile him”.

After receiving the money, Mr. Le asked Chau to direct Trung to hand over Tai to Ngoc. Suspect Tai was then released at around 0:00 on September 23, 2016, less than a day after being detained.

Officers of the criminal squad in the following days repeatedly proposed the team leader to consult Mr. Le for further verification. However, Mr. Chau said that Mr. Le did not agree to work, many officials were also “removed” from the incident by the district chief. Mr. Chau said, Mr. Le also directed “for them to reconcile and withdraw the application”.

On January 22, 2021, Hanoi police turned over the file and prosecuted the case, prosecuting the accused with Tai and his accomplices for the crime of crime. Property robbery. The mistakes of Mr. Le and his subordinates were gradually exposed.

Former colonel Phung Anh Le.  Photo: ANTĐ

Former colonel Phung Anh Le. Image: security

According to the indictment, Mr. Le is the head of the district police, the head of the investigative police agency, and knows the suspect is being held in custody to verify criminal information. However, when asked for help by Mr. Bay, Mr. Le took advantage of his position and power, asking Mr. Bay to give 110 million VND to help mediate.

During the investigation, Mr. Le was judged to be stubborn, did not confess his crime, blamed his subordinates and related people, and actively created untruthful and objective evidence to conceal his behavior. guilty.

For example, before being prosecuted, Mr. Le and his wife met Mr. Bay and asked him to apologize for declaring the money to be “blurred”. However, the authorities have collected relevant evidence and documents to prove that Mr. Le took advantage of his position to actively suggest accepting a bribe of 110 million VND from Mr. Bay. investigation conclusions stated.

In this case, defendant Le plays the main role, is the mastermind, has a self-interested motive. The defendants Chau, Ngoc and Trung knew that Mr. Le’s instructions were illegal, but they obeyed and illegally released the suspect Tai.

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