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The young man’s hand was cut off when he went to collect debt

Mr. Le Van Khoi (34 years old) when going to collect debt, there was a fight with a young man in Di Linh district (Lam Dong) and his right hand was severed.

On May 12, Di Linh district police prosecuted and detained Phan Van Tien (37 years old) on the charge of intentionally causing injury. Conveniently the one who cut off Mr. Le Van Khoi’s hand.

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Phan Van Tien at the investigation agency.

According to the investigation, Mr. Khoi invited his friend, Bui Tuan Hung, 27 years old, to go to the woman’s house in Tam Bo commune, Di Linh district to collect debt. Arriving there, these people met Tien in front of the house. Words went back and forth, the two sides argued.

When Tien entered the house, he was chased by these two people. At this time, Tien took a homemade knife and slashed at Hung’s left hand, Khoi saw this and ran to the car to get a saw to turn around, but he also cut off his right hand. Both of them fled to the street and were transported to the hospital by people, but their injuries were severe, so they had to be transferred to the Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Trauma and Orthopedics for treatment.

He was later arrested by the police.

Xuan Ngoc

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