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Russia publishes video of Ukrainian soldiers laying down their weapons, Kiev talks about developments in Mariupol

The Russian Defense Ministry today (May 17) released photos and videos showing Ukrainian soldiers at the Azovstal steel plant in the port city of Mariupol laying down their weapons after 82 days of resistance.

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According to CNN news agency, Ukraine’s deputy defense minister Hanna Malyar said today that the evacuation of soldiers from the “steel fortress” of Azovstal is the only possible way to save them. “There is no way to save them other than the way it is now. That is the only way out,” Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said, adding that “Mariupol’s defenders” had completed their mission. fight their.

According to Hanna Malyar, due to the defense in Mariupol, Russian forces were unable to transfer 20,000 troops to other regions in Ukraine and therefore were unable to gain control of Zaporizhzhia.

Meanwhile, speaking of Ukrainian soldiers at the Azovstal plant, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said those who laid down their arms would be treated as international law requires.

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Ukrainian soldiers after evacuating from Azovstal.

Russia-Ukraine talks deadlocked

Ukrainian media reported that negotiations between Ukraine and Russia have been halted. Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the President of Ukraine, said that Russia does not understand its “negative role” in the world and that the Russian political elites are afraid to tell the truth, so they choose to continue negotiations as an important factor. propaganda element for domestic use only.

According to Podolyak, since the two countries’ delegations held face-to-face talks in Turkey at the end of March, there has been no major progress, although negotiations have continued by telephone.

Podolyak made the statement after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko said there were no peace talks taking place at the moment. “No negotiations are taking place. Ukraine has withdrawn from the negotiation process.”

Developments on the sidelines of the war

Prosecutor Karim Khan of the International Criminal Court said that the court has deployed an unprecedentedly large team to investigate allegations of war crimes in Ukraine. The team will include 42 investigators, specialists and support staff.

– Russian President Putin said today that some European countries cannot “wean off” Russian oil. “European countries continue to introduce new sanctions on oil and gas markets. All of that will lead to inflation, but instead of admitting mistakes, they are looking for people to blame. The Europeans admit that they cannot completely abandon Russian energy, and it is clear that certain European countries will not be able to give up Russian energy for a long time.”

Russia says it hit a shipment of US and European weapons during a missile bombardment near Ukraine’s Lviv region, close to the border with Poland. However, the information has not yet been independently verified.

– Russia announced that it will leave the Council of Baltic Sea States – an organization of 11 countries, of which Finland and Sweden are prominent members. Moscow stated that the European Union and NATO member states are seeking to use the council as an instrument of anti-Russian policy.

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