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The secret ‘doorway’ on Mars is suspected of aliens

May 17, 2022 14:21 GMT+7

Photos sent back by the Curiosity spacecraft on Mars reveal a door-like space that makes many people suspect the existence of aliens.

The photo from the Curiosity rover of the US space agency NASA made netizens stir. Many people think that in the image appears a strange door, like in front of an alien’s house.

The secret ‘doorway’ on Mars is suspected of aliens
The secret ‘doorway’ on Mars is suspected of aliens

However, British geologist Neil Hodgson insists that it is just a natural feature of the Martian landscape.

“It’s a fascinating, curious image. But it’s certainly a landscape image of Mars, it shows natural erosion on the planet,” he said.

Planetary geologist Nicholas Mangold of the University of Nantes in France further explains that the clear clues are that it is not an actual door because it is less than 1 meter high, Martians cannot be that small.

The layers of rock are called strata, concave on the left and higher on the right. These are alluvial, harder, more prominent sand layers. They were deposited 4 billion years ago in sedimentary conditions.

The photo was taken as the rover climbed Mount Sharp, about 5.5 kilometers above ground at Gale Crater.

NASA has not yet commented on the images, but the strange rock formation could be the result of faults caused by natural seismic activity on the Red Planet.

The photo was taken by the Curiosity spacecraft on May 7 and has just been released by NASA. In addition, NASA also revealed some color images that were stitched together from the original black and white images taken by the Mars rover.

This is also not the first time that such strange rock formations have been observed in the solar system. Images of “spoon” and “face” appearing on Mars are also curious.

Last year, China’s Yutu 2 rover discovered a strange cube on the Moon. Some opinions also believe that it is an alien hut.

The probe then moved closer to the structure for inspection. New images have revealed the fact that the object is a small rock lying on the edge of the crater. Experts believe that it could be a piece of debris falling on the surface of the Moon such as a comet, an asteroid. The Yutu 2 team nicknamed the rock ‘jewel rabbit’ after its shape.

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