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40 divided by half then plus 15 is what?

Math is considered an “obsession” of many generations of students because to do well in this subject requires learners to memorize many formulas and have a certain logical thinking. In fact, there are seemingly simple math problems, but if you don’t pay attention, students can still make mistakes as usual.

Recently, netizens were confused when they read a text message between two young people about a basic mental calculation. At first glance, it seems that Math questions are only for 1st graders: “40 divided by half and then plus 15 is what?”, yet people can deduce up to… 3 answers. But every answer has a reasonable explanation, right?

Level 1: 40 divided by half and then plus 15 is what?  - Everyone came out with 35 but missed it all!  - Photo 1.

A simple calculation but controversial because there are… 3 answers

With the request “plus 15”, everyone can easily write down the basic calculation, but the previous data “40 divided by half” is controversial because there are too many explanations. Specifically, after synthesizing the opinions of netizens, this problem has 3 solutions as follows:

– Method 1: “40 divided by half then add 15” ie: Find half of 40, then add 15. Thus we have the calculation “40 : 2 + 15 = 35”.

– Method 2: “40 divided by half then add 15” understood again: Divide 40 by “half” (1/2) and add 15. The new calculation is: “40 : 1/2 + 15 = 95”.

– Method 3: “40 divided by half then add 15” was explained: Divide 40 by “half of 40” (20), then add 15. And the solution to the problem is: “40 : 20 + 15 = 17”.

In general, the problem does not place much emphasis on calculation problems, but the point of inconsistency between the results lies in the data of the problem. Depending on the interpretation of the reader, the fact that “40 divided by half” is interpreted by different opinions. In addition to the controversy surrounding the answer to the question, many netizens also wittily commented that the stormy weather was not in Vietnamese grammar.

Some comments from people about the controversial problem:

17 is right. No one says “half” is 1/2.

– Divide by half is divided by 1/2 right? If so, the result is 95. And if divided by half by 40, it is 17. In short, the person who made the problem should go back to the garden because the problem is not clear at all.

– In general, it is still difficult to understand “half”. So any result is correct.

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