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Deep impressions from the Prime Minister’s trip to the US

Ted Osius – Chairman of the ASEAN-US Business Council (USABC), Former US Ambassador to Vietnam: The level of interest of US businesses in Vietnam is very high

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has noted to the American business community that Vietnam is America’s ninth largest trading partner – and that is no coincidence. Vietnam pursues a consistent policy of comprehensive economic integration, which has attracted a large amount of investment from the United States and brought about high trade turnover. As a result, both countries get better.

Deep impressions from the Prime Minister's trip to the US - Photo 1.

Former US Ambassador Ted Osius. Photo: USABC,

Certainly American businesses are optimistic about Vietnam’s economic prospects. They want to increase their participation in Vietnam, especially in the digital economy, energy transition, and health and life sciences.

The level of trust between Vietnam and the US has never been higher. The Prime Minister’s visit has enhanced that trust even further, particularly given his access to US businesses in Washington, New York and Silicon Valley, as well as his engagement with students and professor at Harvard University.

(Former Ambassador Ted Osius).

Vietnam set ambitious climate goals at COP-26 and has been working to achieve them. American companies are poised to help Vietnam transition from being dependent on coal to relying on cleaner energy sources.

In March, we brought 40 of our largest companies to Hanoi, with results including new clean energy agreements and a new framework agreement to collaborate on Industry 4.0 – transforming the technology into the future. digital. I look forward to more such collaborations with the private sector in the future

In order to improve the investment climate in Vietnam in the near future, it is important to set clear rules regarding data governance and cybersecurity so that Vietnam can take advantage of opportunities to invest in Vietnam. develop its digital economy. Vietnam is considering becoming a member of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and I think participating in those rules-building discussions will send a positive signal to US investors. .

Ambassador Pham Quang Vinh, former Deputy Foreign Minister, former Ambassador of Vietnam to the US: The visit conveys a message about Vietnam’s development orientation

Deep impressions from the Prime Minister's trip to the US - Photo 3.

Ambassador Pham Quang Vinh. Photo: Hung Pham.

The Prime Minister’s visit conveyed a message about Vietnam’s development orientation in the new era and Vietnam’s foreign strategy, clearly stating that Vietnam wants to develop to a higher level towards the aspiration. 2030 – 2045, at the same time affirming Vietnam’s consistent foreign policy policy of independence, self-reliance, diversification, and multilateralisation.

That is Vietnam’s deep international integration, and is a responsible member in handling international issues. This is a very big message, in which the Prime Minister emphasized the motto “sincerity of trust and responsibility”.

In the next 3 years, there will be many important anniversaries, which are the orientation to look back and orient the relationship, especially to upgrade the relationship. 2023 is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive partnership, 2024 is the 30th anniversary of the lifting of sanctions, and 2025 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

(Ambassador Pham Quang Vinh)

Relations with other countries are based on principles of international law, mutual respect, mutual benefits, the more intertwined the interests are, the stronger the relationship develops.

The visit also showed that Vietnam attaches importance to bilateral and multilateral relations on regional and international issues.

Bilaterally, the visit creates momentum and boosts the momentum of the two countries’ relations, promoting a comprehensive partnership that is actually effective and mutually beneficial for both sides at a higher quality.

Especially when it comes to the economy, the Prime Minister emphasized cooperation and taking advantage of resources to serve higher-quality and more sustainable economic development, such as adapting to climate change, taking advantage of technology and innovation. created to serve digital transformation, green and clean transformation.

The US side highly appreciates Vietnam’s position and economic transformation, and is willing to cooperate and increase trade and investment in Vietnam. The business community is also very interested in that.

The relationship between Vietnam and the US is very developing, between the two sides there is a constant exchange of high-level delegations and levels to promote the relationship. During more than a quarter of a century, the two sides exchanged high-level information, with all four previous US presidents visiting Vietnam in succession. President Biden’s administration, on the Vice President’s first visit, chose Vietnam as a stopover.

The elevation of ASEAN-US relations to a comprehensive partnership is a good thing for the regional environment right next to Vietnam, creating conditions for Vietnam to further enhance bilateral relations. I think that in the coming time, the two sides should soon set a roadmap for further enhancement, identifying how to emphasize the comprehensive and strategic scope of the relationship.”

Gregory Poling – Director of the Southeast Asia Program, American Institute of Strategic and International Studies (CSIS): Prime Minister made an impression on the US policy community

Deep impressions from the Prime Minister's trip to the US - Photo 5.

CSIS Southeast Asia Program Director Gregory Poling. Photo: Rappler.

“I was most impressed by the Prime Minister’s willingness to take time out of his busy schedule to deliver a speech at CSIS. He was the only ASEAN leader out of the eight people present at the summit who took time out. And he was charismatic and welcoming, making an important impression on a broader segment of the American policy community.

The Vietnam-US relationship continues to deepen on all fronts because the leaders of the two sides have committed to promoting the development of the relationship. The Prime Minister’s visit and meetings with senior government officials helped spur that effort.

The Vietnam-US relationship has been a strategic partnership in all but nominal terms. I think it’s important that the US continues to say that it wants to elevate the relationship officially whenever Vietnam is ready.

Vietnam is one of the most active and strategic members of ASEAN, and one of America’s closest partners in the region. Given the extent to which strategic alignment exists between the two sides, it is clear that the US government now prioritizes Vietnam, along with Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia as top priorities in the region.”

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