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K Hospital doctor points out the easy ways to “feed” cancer cells

Recently, Doctor Ha Hai Nam (Deputy Head of Department of Gastroenterology 1, K Hospital) shared on Vietnam Net newspaper, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Many studies show that lifestyle changes such as maintaining a proper diet can reduce the risk of disease or that an unscientific diet can cause cancer.

Here are 5 types of foods that a lot of Vietnamese people still use, listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as foods that cause harm to the body, obesity, cardiovascular disease, especially creating health problems. conditions for cancer development, shortening life expectancy.

Pickles, pickled tomatoes

In melon, salted eggplant has both a high salt concentration and the ability to produce nitrate during fermentation. This substance is the causative agent of a number of cancers such as stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer …

Fried and fried dishes

There are fried chicken dishes, fried meat, french fries… these foods are high in saturated fat (bad fat). If you tolerate it for a long time, it will cause weight gain and obesity. In particular, these types of foods are classified in Group 2 according to WHO for their carcinogenic potential.

K Hospital doctor points out easy eating patterns to

If you tolerate it for a long time, it will cause weight gain and obesity (Artwork).

Convenience food

That is sausage, bacon, ham… Processed meat has been classified in Group 1 of foods with a risk of cancer according to WHO since 2015. This level of danger is equivalent to smoking. Many people with gastrointestinal cancer have the habit of using such processed meats.

Salted fish

Asian countries have a habit of eating salty foods, including salted fish. However, it is these foods that are classified in the group of foods with a high risk of causing cancer of the palate, oropharyngeal cancer.

The food is too hot

High temperature will change the lining of the pharynx, oral cavity, esophagus, and intestines. It can even cause malignant changes of the above organs, from which, malignant tumors will form.

These are the 5 types of foods that are easily related to the formation of malignant lesions, which many people love. If possible, limit the use of these foods to help your body become healthier and prevent diseases.

So which foods have the ability to prevent cancer?

According to the newspaper Health of life The following foods have the ability to prevent cancer and nourish the body:

Bean: Drinking soy milk in daily life can supplement protein, and the phytoestrogens in soy milk help regulate hormones in the body. Therefore, people who consume a lot of beans have about 5 times lower risk of colon cancer than those who do not consume legumes.

Garlic: Garlic is very effective in preventing cancer. People who eat garlic regularly have a much lower rate of stomach cancer than people who don’t eat garlic, especially those who eat raw garlic have better cancer prevention effects.

Mushroom: There are many types of mushrooms, including enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms… These foods have a very good anti-cancer effect, helping to improve the body’s resistance thanks to calcium and magnesium content.

Tomato: Tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, which is helpful in preventing prostate cancer and gastrointestinal cancer. Therefore, eating a lot of tomatoes can effectively prevent the formation of cancer cells and prevent cancer.

K Hospital doctor points out easy eating patterns to OLD

Tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, which is useful in preventing prostate cancer and gastrointestinal cancer (Artwork).

Cauliflower: Eating a lot of cauliflower can also prevent cancer and prevent carcinogens from harming the body. Both white and green cauliflower have this wonderful effect, however, cauliflower, although not as appealing in taste, may better prevent the risk of developing cancer cells.

Tea (tea): Tea is a very good cancer prevention food, especially stomach cancer, lung cancer. Effective substances in tea can combine and separate from carcinogens, which can reduce the activity of cancer cells. It has a good effect on inhibiting cancer cells.

Furthermore, some survey data indicate that people who drink tea for a long time live longer than those who do not drink tea. That is also the reason why the Japanese live the longest in the world, because they regularly drink tea and have a delicate tea ceremony art.

Global Cancer Organization (Globocan) 2020, according to which Vietnam’s new cancer incidence has increased 9 places, ranking 90/185 countries, from 165,000 new cases in 2018 to 182,000 new cases in 2020. , and the death rate from cancer increased 6 places, ranking 50/185 after 2 years.

According to Globocan, there are 5 most common types of cancer in Vietnam in 2020 including: liver cancer accounting for the highest rate (14.5%), followed by lung cancer (14.4%), cancer breast (11.8%), stomach cancer (9.8%), and colorectal cancer (9%).

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