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Single guy’s 41m2 apartment, large balcony with super view

The apartment has an area of ​​41m2 of a single guy, owns a large balcony with a super view, looking at the vast sky. The entire interior is designed by the owner, looking for a place to build.

The studio apartment is 41m2 wide, but it was designed and decorated by Mr. Ta Ngoc Vinh (29 years old — HCMC).

He shared, this is his favorite house after 3 times of changing his house. He designed and hired a workshop to follow. Decor is also learning a lot from people on groups and forums about houses. Although it was only a 41m2 studio apartment, he had a 7.5m2 balcony, so when he saw it, he decided to close it immediately.

Some pictures of Mr. Vinh’s apartment!

1 can ho 529
Cozy bedroom, luxurious herringbone wood floors. Furniture placed on request should be compact in size, suitable for small areas.
2 can ho 530
Corner cabinets display perfume, read books and relax with soft rattan chairs.
3 can ho 531
Modern TV, like a picture on the wall. Wooden wardrobe with rattan, classic and rustic. The house is very neat and tidy. “A beautiful house is not only in the cost of investment, good design… but also in order. If you live in a neat space, positive energy will be spread,” emphasized Mr. Vinh.
4 can ho 532
The cabinet is made of felt-covered wood, the color is deep and harmonizes with the wooden furniture.
5 can ho 533
Delicate walnut colored mirror, unique wall fan… create a beautiful corner, can live virtual.
6 can ho 534
The area adjacent to wooden shelves and relaxing chairs is a dining table with iron legs. Because the house is small, Vinh takes advantage of every space, arranging furniture for the most comfortable and aesthetic.
7 can ho 535
The corner to nurture emotions, soul or simply let yourself in the dreams after a long busy day of the owner.
8 can ho 536
The golden kitchen is brilliant, contrasting with the bedroom tones but still in harmony thanks to the reasonable distribution of shades and color arrays. The house is tight, Vinh lives alone, so there are not many kitchen utensils. Therefore, the upper kitchen cabinets are replaced with simple wooden shelves.
9 can ho 537
The place that Vinh loves the most in the house. Mini garden with green pots, Buddha statues showing different shades, creating a peaceful and relaxing corner for the soul. Floor made of water-resistant material.
11 can ho 53810 can ho 539

Super top view from the balcony.

Quynh Nga

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