Qianlong rewards 2 cucumbers, the whole harem is jealous because of the hidden meaning!

During the Qing Dynasty, there was a concubine who gave birth to a princess to the Qianlong emperor when he was 65 years old.

Who is the person awarded by Qianlong?

It can be said that, for concubines, being pregnant and giving birth is a blessing and happiness that everyone in the harem desires. For the emperor is no exception, because according to the old social concept, the more children, the more happiness.

Therefore, if any concubine became pregnant and gave birth to a child, they all enjoyed the special care of the emperor.

During the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong’s favorite concubine was Don concubine Uong Thi. When Consort Dun gave birth to a princess, the Qianlong emperor was 65 years old.

Qianlong rewards 2 cucumbers, the whole harem is jealous of the hidden meaning!-1

Because she is a concubine who is loved by all, Qian Long tried to think of a reward to give Don concubine. After that, he decided to reward Don Phi with 2 cucumbers.

Don consort was overjoyed to receive the award, and everyone around was admiring. This award made all the other concubines in the palace very jealous.

What’s so special about the two cucumbers bonus?

In fact, in feudal China, the capital was usually located in the north. However, the North is a place where it is not possible to grow fresh fruit trees like in the South.

Through many historical films, we can also see the emperors often go on excursions or patrols down to the South, combining sightseeing and enjoying specialties.

Qianlong was an emperor who loved to travel. He often visited the scene and patrolled Jiangnan. Here, he experienced very fresh and wonderful fruits.

The most special of which is the cucumber. At that time, cucumber was one of the rare fruits in the royal palace.

Qianlong rewards 2 cucumbers, the whole harem is jealous because of the hidden meaning! -2

This type of melon cannot live in the North. At that time, the cultivation of vegetables and fruits was not as modern as it is now. The planting and care are dependent on the climate characteristics.

Especially in winter, it was difficult for the emperor to want to eat a piece of green vegetables, let alone a cucumber.

Cucumber at that time was a unique fruit of the South. Qianlong also enjoyed the Manchu feasts, but did not have this dish. So he tried to bring seeds to plant, but kept planting and died.

Finally, he ordered the farmers to plant off-season vegetables next to the hot springs, because he discovered that the hot springs could maintain the temperature and help the plants live.

Qianlong cucumbers sent growers to produce fruit but very little, the whole tree only got a few fruits. So it can be said that this litter is really very precious. Qianlong used it as a reward for Don Phi who showed his care and affection.

However, according to recorded history, the mother and daughter of Don consort were favored by the Emperor, making her arrogant, not knowing the height of the earth. Ultimately leading to tragedy.

In the 43rd year of Qianlong, Don consort Uong Thi accidentally beat and killed a female mandarin. Although this person is in charge of the service, but also comes from the Upper Three Periods Bao, the status is not low.

After King Qianlong heard about the incident, he was extremely angry and wanted to deal with Don consort Uong seriously, but because of the ten princesses, he only sent down Wang’s town to Dun Qin. Wang Shi was also forced to pay compensation to the family of the deceased.

Some time later, Uong Thi restored her title of Don consort, but was shunned by the Emperor. In the following years, the emperor gradually reduced the reward in the life of Don consort.

In the 60th year of Qianlong, the Emperor abdicated. In the year of Gia Khanh, Don Phi delayed asking the Emperor to be publicly reprimanded and canceled the annual silver reward.

In the 11th year of Gia Khanh, Don Phi Uong Thi passed away at the age of 60.

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