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Booming children’s play to welcome summer, celebrate June 1: I’m so happy, so worried

Exploding children’s drama programs to celebrate June 1 and hello summer

Last night (May 25), the Vietnam Circus Federation launched the program “Lord of the jungle”. The program is 75 minutes long, includes 3 scenes: “Competition Day”, “Ascension to the Lord”, “Common House”, tells the story in an old forest, there are many species of animals living together. The division of territory and food of species is always contested, not fair.

Close-up of magic and circus performances in “Lord of the Jungle”. Clip: HTLong.

Big animals bully small animals. Therefore, the animals make a decision, annually organize a competition to choose the strongest animal to be the lord of the green forest, with the task of maintaining order for the forest and justice for all species. The program promotes compassion and solidarity to create strength.

The program will perform for children on June 1 and this summer at the Central Circus. This is also the first activity to build a brand of animal circus art of the Animal Breeding Troupe, performing for students at schools, fixed on Thursdays at the Central Circus.

Sharing the same atmosphere, the Youth Theater also launched a special art project “Summer of Love” for children. The project includes the musical “The Swans”, the play “Virus War” and the play “Vaxilixa and the Wicked Witch”.

In particular, the play “Swans” adapted from the famous work of the same name by the great writer Hans Christian Andersen, was staged with impressive music and dance, diverse in art forms, and vibrant colors. cleverly integrated many funny and humorous details to bring laughter to the audience and meaningful messages. The performances of the project are designed and staged appropriately to maximize interactivity, practical experience, and promote children’s excitement, optimism, joy and dreams.

Booming children's play to welcome summer and celebrate June 1: So happy, so worried!  - Photo 2.

Children’s play “Virus war”. Photo: NHTT.

Hanoi Drama Theater also serves children on the occasion of International Children’s Day and summer with the play “Two pearls of the gods” (also known as “The Tale of the Wild”). The play tells the story of an honest, kind farmer Da Trang who lives with his wife in the countryside. It was thanks to his gentle and benevolent behavior that he was given two magical pearls by the Cobra and the Goose.

One helps him understand the languages ​​of all species, and the other helps him to walk comfortably in the water. He used those two precious gems to do many useful things, to help the country and the people. It is that kind heart and precious virtue that he is loved and respected by the neighbors.

In the South, stages have also been preparing from a series of children’s programs since April and May. Specifically, 5B Drama Theater will launch the children’s play “White Fang Tribe”. The play continues the story of baby Bei, baby Ly, dog Patch… from the Kingdom of Ugly People. This time, the children lost in the aboriginal tribe, had to confront the old magician who deceived the aborigines and forced them to destroy forests, destroy elephants, tigers, leopards… to get skins and tusks. Through the dangerous and brave journey of the children, the book wants to convey the message of protecting nature and the environment.

Booming children's play to welcome summer and celebrate June 1: So happy, so worried!  - Photo 3.

Scenes from the play “Two Magical Pearls” by the Hanoi Drama Theater. Photo: NHKHN.

The Idecaf stage was also busy on the practice floor to prepare for the premiere of “The Adventures of Captain Sinbad: The Great Mermaid War” at Ben Thanh Theater. This play, directed by artist Dinh Toan, gathers the strongest actors of the Idecaf stage including Thanh Loc, Huu Chau, Bach Long, Dinh Toan, Le Khanh, Hoang Trinh, My Duyen, Tuan Khai, Don Nguyen…

Children’s play is still in the state of “old bottles of new wine”

It is worth noting that if the southern stage is strong and willing to play when staging many new plays, the northern stage still mainly renews old plays. This is what makes the “art party” for young audiences in the two regions also have many differences.

Theater critic, Dr. Cao Ngoc said that the children’s theater stage is still considered a “fertile ground” for theaters to make the most of during the summer, the International Children’s Day. However, after two years of translation, many theaters are also more timid in setting up new plays.

Booming children's play to welcome summer and celebrate June 1: So happy, so worried!  - Photo 4.

Funny scenes in “The Lord of the Jungle” of the Vietnam Circus Federation. Photo: LDX.

According to Dr. Cao Ngoc, among the shows and plays in the North stage announced, only the Vietnam Circus Federation and the Youth Theater have a new and methodical investment to welcome the young audience, many other stages are still mainly “old bottles of new wine”.

“I think the need for young audiences to enjoy art after a long time of being “locked up” because of the epidemic is very high. Therefore, the stages will still be sold out or full of performances. However, to really creating new winds for the stage and promoting the children’s drama network to a new level is still not as desired”, Dr. Cao Ngoc expressed.

People’s Artist Tong Toan Thang also expressed that attracting the general audience and young audiences to the stage is a joint effort of the entire theater industry. Because from here, many new theaters dare to invest in new programs.

However, the Vietnam Circus Federation always has its own plans to draw the audience closer to the circus. Therefore, the staging of new programs forced the Federation to focus on developing a variety of pets, close to humans, they were trained and taught to replace wild animals on the stage. .

That is clearly shown in the circus show “Lord of the Jungle” this time. In order to create harmony and attractiveness on stage, the artists of the Federation have also integrated the content and details of the story through the performance of real animals and animal characters. And the play is also built on Vietnamese fairy tales and textbook lessons so that the children feel familiar.

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