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Save me from drowning, the girl almost put her life in danger

Saving a drowning girl, the girl was almost in danger of her life - Photo 1.


The accident happened when two sick sisters followed him to work in the field. Because his brother accidentally slipped and fell into the pond, the patient jumped to help, causing both of them drowning.

The incident was discovered by him and promptly saved his brother. As for the child, it took him more than 10 minutes to find him and bring him to the hospital.

The patient was transferred to Children’s Hospital 2 (Ho Chi Minh City) for treatment of cerebral sequelae and necrosis of the right foot.

Currently, the patient has had the necrotic skin removed and a new skin graft. On the neurological side, the patient will continue to be treated in the near future.

According to doctors, drowning is one of the common accidents among children, especially in rural areas where there are many ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. This is a form of asphyxia, when water is inhaled into the lungs, causing laryngospasm leading to airway obstruction when the victim is in the water.

In the case of asphyxiation for more than 4 minutes, there will be brain damage, more than 10 minutes can cause death or fortunately surviving can leave severe brain sequelae.

Children’s Hospital 2 regularly receives cases of drowning children, most of which are late with many dangerous factors. Parents can completely prevent drowning accidents for their children by teaching them to swim.

In addition, parents should only allow children to participate in water activities under control, or those with swimming experience to avoid unfortunate accidents.

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