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The drug problem in Germany’s nightclubs

For many young people in Berlin, on weekends, when the burden of work or study is gone, they go to nightclubs. They can stay here until Monday morning. But here there are unexpected things.

“The first time I went to nightclubs, I couldn’t believe how many stimulants were found there” – Mr. Jonas, a tourist from the US, was also startled when he witnessed the scene in a nightclub in Germany – “I assume most people who use drugs in nightclubs carry them. I didn’t expect this to happen. I went straight to the door.”.

The problem of stimulants in nightclubs in Germany - Photo 1.

Meanwhile, Berghan, a nightclub with about 1,500 customers every night, has a separate area in the basement that sells drugs to customers. Apparently there are drug dealers in such clubs, and there are even rumors of owners of some of the clubs that mainly open them to sell stimulants.

Berlin police said that there have been cases of death due to overdose of stimulants because the chemical components contained in stimulants are unsafe. An increasing number of illegal stimulants have been consumed in Germany over the past decade. The pills are now even made to look more appealing and target specific groups of people.

And in the last year alone, the number of drug or drug-related crimes in Germany has reached nearly 360,000. In the capital Berlin, according to police, the current level of stimulant use is the highest in 10 years.

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