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Tragedy of marriage after 20 days of love by Liu Tao

Since getting married, Luu Dao has worked hard to maintain a turbulent marriage with businessman Vuong Kha.

Follow Sinathe actress’s marriage Liu Tao and businessman Vuong Kha always face difficulties. “Liu Tao is rumored to be divorced at least once a year. Why are so many people looking forward to her divorce?“, QQ Make a question.

Sina Commenting on the divorce news on May 18, the behavior of Liu Dao and Vuong Kha was opposite. When there was information about leaving Vuong Kha, because the businessman once again suffered a loss in business, Luu Dao denied, even using the law to protect his family.

In return, her husband attracted attention when he made a move to “clean up” his personal page. He changed the account name, deleted all posts about the female artist and unfollowed his wife.

Unlike previous times, the businessman also did not give a protective response to his family when entangled in false rumors. Vuong Kha’s unusual actions in the midst of his and his wife’s divorce news created many speculations.

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Liu Tao sacrificed a lot for his marriage with Vuong Kha

Liu Tao tries to keep his marriage

Follow Sina, Liu Tao and her husband met in 2007 when they shared an elevator. At that time, Vuong Kha was famous as the most famous playboy in the elite with a fortune of nearly 3 billion USD.

He fell in love with Liu Tao and decided to pursue her. One day after the fateful encounter, the actress surnamed Liu fell in love with the young master surnamed Vuong.

They fall in love quickly, get married quickly. After only 20 days of knowing, the two got married, without even notifying the family of Vuong Kha. Deciding to be in a hurry with a new man used to make Liu Tao’s reputation wobble.

She is said to be greedy for money, rich, and wants a luxurious life. After becoming the wife of Vuong Kha, Luu Dao also retired from his film career.

However, the joy is short-lived. Just over a year after the wedding, Wang Ke filed for bankruptcy with a debt of 57 million USD. Faced with her husband’s difficult situation, Luu Dao had to return to the entertainment industry to act in movies to earn money and help her husband pay off his debt.

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More than 5 years since the late 2000s, Liu Tao has worked non-stop, receiving films continuously with 25 works. At one point, she accepted up to 18 different roles in a year. For 5 years, the actress only slept 4-5 hours a day.

The representative once asked Liu Tao: “How many more movies do I want to shoot before I can solve the problems of my family?” Liu Tao replied, “I don’t know, maybe 10 years, 20 years, maybe longer. As long as I can protect my family, I will do it“.

Finally, the remuneration from the hard working days helped Luu Dao completely pay off the debt of 57 million USD on behalf of her husband.

Luu Dao shared: “Marriage must follow her husband, happiness is shared, bitterness is shared. I have chosen him, will not leave. The world may turn its back, but I will always be with you.“This perseverance helps Liu Tao to revive his reputation and become the “national wife” in the eyes of the public.

Working hard, Luu Dao also had to take care of her husband and two small children. Follow SinaAfter going bankrupt, Vuong Kha fell into a depression. The day Liu Tao gave birth, her husband almost died, the actress had to take her husband to the emergency room.

In the following years, Vuong Kha still tried his best to do business but often failed. Luu Dao had to pay debts on behalf of her husband many times. Besides, she must pay attention to Vuong Kha’s feelings, not to let her husband feel that he is living on his wife. At one point, after filming finished at 3am, Liu Tao also went to the airport to return to Beijing with her husband and children.

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Also because of his efforts to make money, Luu Dao is ready to embark on a new field of sales livestream. Follow Sinain China, it is rare for any A-list actors who are in the period of fame and peak to accept online sales.

This work is considered demeaning to the actor. Luu Dao also received many criticisms, but she only cared about her family.

We are born human, already a kind of luck. My hope is to become a good wife and mother“, Luu Dao shared about the goal of life. However, when he and the actress participated in the show Romantic tour with his wife, while drunk, Vuong Kha said: “It’s easy for artists to make money“.

It is not difficult to see the scene where Vuong Kha is annoyed and imposes Luu Dao, while the actress is patient to work with her husband to find a solution.

In the rumored divorce case this time, Vuong Kha also left his wife alone to take charge, while the businessman made a confusing move, overturning Liu Tao’s previous statement.

It is difficult for Luu Dao to get a divorce

Follow Sina, difficulties in marriage, but Luu Dao difficult to come to a divorce decision. There are many ties between the two.

Currently, Liu Tao has a fortune of 3.8 billion yuan (about 564 million USD), according to iFeng. Lady A Chau of Thien Long Bat Bo owns 14 companies in various fields, investing in real estate, securities, film production, asset management center, trading floor for mother and baby…

In addition to the role of an actor, Luu Dao is actively investing, becoming a “powerful woman” with a large fortune. In contrast, Vuong Kha continuously failed in business. However, Chinese law stipulates that the joint property of the couple after marriage is divided in half if the marriage is broken.

Therefore, QQ analysis Liu Tao is the one who suffers economically.

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Liu Tao always denies marriage problems

Not only losing money, she is also likely to not be able to raise children due to being too busy. Currently, the two children often stay at home with their father. Wang Ke is the one taking care of the children, while Liu Tao is busy making money.

Sina Commenting that divorce is undesirable, Liu Tao’s goal in life is still to maintain the family home, which she has worked hard for the past 15 years.

Everyone wants to have a peaceful home. Going through the storm, we appreciate each other more. I am not an ambitious woman, wishing for a rich and noble life. I just want to be a female warrior who protects the ones I love the most“, Luu Dao shared.

According to Zing

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