5 rules to help you drive safely in heavy rain

Vehicle experts advise that, when it rains heavily with thunder, it is best not to drive on the road. But in some force majeure cases, remember the following principles to keep yourself safe.

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Severe weather conditions will be a factor leading to many risks for car drivers, especially women with weak steering wheels.

1. When it rains too much, stop the car and take shelter somewhere

It is true that cars were originally born to serve people in moving, sheltering from the sun and rain. However, when it rains heavily, the visibility around the vehicle including the front, body and rear areas can be seriously affected. Because of this, it is difficult for you to observe the path and actively avoid possible obstacles.

Not to mention, when it rains heavily, there will be risks like falling trees – this is a particularly dangerous and unpredictable situation. In fact, there have been many unfortunate incidents related to this issue.

Therefore, if it rains too heavily, the best way you should do it is to find a safe parking space that will not affect traffic, turn on the warning lights and pay attention to avoid parking in areas with many large trees.

2. Don’t go face to face with big cars

Going head-to-head with big cars is always potentially dangerous. Accordingly, if you have to move on heavy rainy days, going against vehicles larger than your car will cause the water waves generated from those vehicles to overflow inside the engine compartment, into the neck. Intake or exhaust at the rear leads to stalling.

3. Run slowly, observe the car in front and keep the throttle

This will help limit the risk of water getting into the car’s components.

– In case of moderate rain in the afternoon, the road is not flooded, you can still observe the surroundings, please control the car slowly, and at the same time focus maximum attention to driving.

– As for the flooded roads, pay attention to the surrounding vehicles. If cars of the same make and size as you are still able to pass, try to follow that vehicle, following its path.

– In addition, in case there is no vehicle ahead, carefully observing the area in front is what you need to do. It is also a good idea to make a prediction about the water level in that area based on observations of roadside or sidewalk objects. If you see a high water level, do not go through.

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Try to run the car evenly and observe the vehicles in front carefully to take timely action.

4. Always keep the lights on

As mentioned above, when it rains, it will come with limited visibility. Therefore, you should turn on the low beam, fog lights and turn on with warning lights so that other vehicles can see you more easily.

5. Do not try to start the engine when entering a flooded road and stalling

At this time, many women panicking will try to start the engine to wait for the car to continue moving and get out of here. However, what you need to do now is call the rescue team to bring the car to the Garage for inspection.

At the same time, you should also be careful not to open the car door if the water level is high because it may overflow into the car causing damage to the interior.

In addition, here are the tips from experts of the Met Office (Met Office – UK) to give when forced to drive in the rain, thunderstorms:

1. Always stay inside the car

Most cars have metal roofs and frames, which act as a Faraday cage. This means that even if struck by lightning, the metal frame will guide the lightning to the ground without harming the passengers inside.

Thus, staying in the car is the safest measure. Also, do not touch metal objects on the vehicle because they can be conductive when lightning strikes.

Therefore, when you and your car are in the middle of the road and under thunder, you should absolutely not run out to take shelter from the rain, unless you have parked your car in a safe location.

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2. Slow down proportional to wiper speed

When driving in the rain, the first thing to do is slow down to keep yourself and the cars around you safe.

The Met Office offers a useful “rule of thumb” about speed on rainy days. Specifically, if it’s time to use the wipers, it’s also time to slow down. When the wiper is at a stronger level, the vehicle speed must decrease accordingly. For example, the wipers on your car have 3 levels, reduce the speed by 20-35-50% respectively.

Hopefully, the above principles will help you drive safely, especially in the days of continuous heavy rain and flooding in Hanoi today.

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