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Strengthening the implementation of school culture building work


Directive No. 08/CT-TTg dated June 1, 2022 states: School culture is an important environment for personality training and educating the young generation to become fully developed people of virtue – mind – body – beauty, with patriotism, a spirit of pride, national pride, and a sense of pride. awareness and responsibility to the country, community, family and self.

Over the past years, the work of building school culture has made many positive changes, contributing to the training of generations of good citizens with qualities, capabilities, ethics and culture to meet the requirements of students. society.

However, in fact, there are still a part of students, teachers, and students who show deviations in moral standards, cultural lifestyles, and behavior on the social front and in the school environment. In some localities, the work of building school culture has not been properly and regularly paid attention by all levels and sectors; the implementation is still a formality, has not gone into depth; the coordination between the school, family, society and mass organizations in the school is not tight; The content and form of organizing school cultural education activities in some places are still inadequate and unattractive.

In order to overcome the limitations and obstacles, in the Directive, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Education and Training to continue focusing on effectively implementing the programs and projects approved by the Prime Minister on the construction of documents. culture in schools, strengthening education of revolutionary ideals, ethics, lifestyle, life skills, arousing the aspiration for dedication, improving school health for students and building a learning society .

Reviewing and perfecting the system of legal documents on school cultural education to ensure that they closely follow the orientation of the 2018 General Education Program. Renovate school administration and build a school environment. practice, cultural activities, democracy, arousing creativity; make sure every school day is a fun day; directing renovating the organization and activities of libraries in association with digital transformation, promoting reading culture in schools…

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism shall direct and guide localities to effectively use cultural institutions at the grassroots level, and have a mechanism for pupils and students of schools to enjoy priority regimes when they are happy. play, visit at cultural works, use sports areas, public playgrounds. Coordinating with the Ministry of Education and Training in formulating content, programs, and guidance for fun, healthy cultural, artistic and sports activities and ensuring the nation’s traditional cultural values.

The Ministry of Public Security shall closely coordinate with education management agencies and educational institutions in providing training, information exchange, and propaganda on crime prevention and control and prevention of social evils in schools.

At the same time, strengthen solutions to ensure security and social order in the area around the school, coordinate with the Education sector in preventing, fighting and handling crimes and law violations stemming from school violence. road and other illegal acts related to students.

The Ministry of Home Affairs shall coordinate with the Ministry of Education and Training in formulating a plan on employment positions for political education for students in the direction of standardization, ensuring sufficient quantity and reasonable structure to meet the increasing requirements of the educational career.

The Ministry of Information and Communications strengthens the direction and state management of press agencies, effectively implements propaganda measures on building school culture; organize the development of columns and topics on the contents of school cultural education; strengthen the spread of good people and good deeds among students; spreading good values, and at the same time criticizing deviant behaviors in terms of morality and lifestyle.

Strictly control cultural publications for students with elements of violence, gender, ethnicity and people with disabilities, contrary to cultural traditions, fine customs and traditions of the nation. ; promptly take measures to prevent malicious information in cyberspace from negatively affecting the school cultural environment of students…

The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs strengthens inspection and urges the implementation of policies and laws on child protection; organize solutions to strengthen the building of school culture, ensure a friendly, non-violent environment at vocational education institutions.

The Ministry of Finance, based on the tasks and proposals of the Ministry of Education and Training, relevant ministries and central agencies, annually synthesizes and allocates state budget funds for central agencies to implement. perform the task of building school culture in accordance with the ability to balance the state budget in accordance with the law on state budget.

In addition, the People’s Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities should strengthen the management and direct all levels and branches to closely coordinate in the construction of school culture under their management; ensure a safe, healthy, friendly educational environment, and prevent school violence. Ensuring the construction of school culture is a regular and continuous activity. Create favorable conditions for effective promotion of existing cultural institutions to serve the healthy and safe entertainment and recreation needs of students. Prioritize allocating resources to implement projects and programs related to building school culture.

The Prime Minister also suggested that agencies and units such as the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Central Committee of the Women’s Union Vietnamese women and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Study Promotion Association jointly perform related tasks and responsibilities.

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