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Google Drive supports keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste files

The new version of Google Drive has just added a feature that users have been waiting for many years, which is support for classic keyboard shortcuts.

Follow GizChina, now Google Drive users no longer need to perform tedious drag/drop to store their files as they can use keyboard shortcuts to copy, cut and paste just like on PC. This is the latest innovation of Google Drive to realize the ambition of Google in making its Workspace suite an official competitor of Office.

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New feature help users perform copy, cut or paste files on Drive faster


Previously, the company also implemented an offline working mode for Google Drive, allowing users to access documents at any time. Even so, Google Drive lacks an essential aspect to being a real alternative to Microsoft Officeor even Windows: keyboard shortcuts.

To move files, users need to do drag/drop until they are in folders. This is not very practical, so the appearance of new shortcuts will help Google Drive like “tiger grow more wings”.

Users can use the following keyboard shortcuts for navigation tasks on Google Drive:

Shortcut keys


Ctrl +

Copy files

Ctrl + X

Cut files

Ctrl + DRAW

Paste file

Ctrl + Shift + DRAW

Create shortcut for file

Ctrl + Enter

Open the selected file in a new tab

There’s nothing revolutionary about keyboard shortcuts, but the change should help speed up the workflow for those who use Google Drive on a daily basis. Note that these shortcuts only work with the Chrome browser.

Recently, Google also revealed a new update that will display banners in cloud storage Google Drive to warn about suspicious files. Previously, a similar solution was announced for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings services. Users who open a potentially dangerous or suspicious file in Google Drive will now receive a warning banner to help protect them from ransomware, phishing, and other malware.

In addition, the banner will notify the user of a suspicious file that can be used to steal personal data. Google notes there is no user control over the functionality of the function when it is enabled by default.

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