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Gentleness – the beauty of a woman should not be lost

Where has the tenderness gone?

There are many men who complain that “She used to be so small, gentle, lovely, but now she is no more, sadly”.

The tenderness for her man is becoming less and less. Then, the affection for them is still great, but the way they treat them makes men understand that that affection seems to have been damaged.

“You think your salaries are huge? I also have to go to work, my salary is higher than yours right? What is it that you dare to resist me????”

In life, your man will sometimes misbehave or even treat you badly. He goes home with things like, “The house and the door are so messy. Why do you let me cry? God, it’s all so messed up.”

At this time, because you want to “reclaim justice”, you are no longer gentle with him, but instead are angry. You don’t intentionally cause hatred, just because, you need to protect yourself, so that you don’t get angry and disadvantaged.

Many wives could not help but shout in response, “You think you’re the only one working hard? I gave birth to a baby for him, and then stayed awake at night to breastfeed. Is your money big? Why don’t you respect my merit????”….

Women suffer from “tit-for-tat”

Women sometimes torment themselves by behaving like that. When faced with an angry person and bounced back at them like “tit-for-tat”, how to avoid trouble.After that verbal argument, it will be a miserable time for the whole family. No one is happy Parents are not happy, how do children get the essence?

And then after that, can’t we just leave each other? Is it a little bit to drag each other to court? And then, assuming they leave each other, whoever gets married will repeat history if they don’t change the way they treat each other like the example above.

Life is full of hardships that make us tired. Both the woman herself and her man. There are times when a man’s inner self is out of balance, he can’t work outside of society, is also beaten by people or unintentionally spoils big things. He doesn’t know how to regain his sanity.

So, keep struggling and then when you return home, unintentionally but accidentally get angry with your wife and children for no reason. This anger partly speaks of a lack of soul. At this time, it is necessary for the sophistication of the woman next to him. Women who pay attention for a while will discover that concern of men. Until you know the truth, suppress that anger, Choose to respond to them with kindness and tenderness!

Although this is not easy at all, it is not impossible. Gentle but not weak and weak. “Tighten tight lattes” is never wrong, especially in this situation.

The tenderness here is the need to share, not the tolerance for him to dominate. Later, when he is calm, wait for a while to give him the opportunity to express his true thoughts and feelings. Talking to them in a gentle, gentle way to understand what they are thinking, what they want, what difficulties, what is urgent will make him understand how he should change.

A gentle woman can find good points in a man, silently encourage them, praise them, can help a man have more will and energy. Sometimes a woman’s tenderness has a greater impact than her glamorous appearance.

There is a saying “gentle women can conquer the reins with softness” or once heard a great man say “Tender, so gentle! Unbearably gentle” “My youth was not afraid of anything, only trembled at your tenderness”.

Women who are gentle like water are radiating cool energy. Soft water, when encountering obstacles, the water flow automatically avoids, does not confront, thus avoiding unnecessary damage and breakage. That is the source of family happiness.

So gentle, so gentle – Let’s promote it, women!!!

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