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Canadian plane patrols near North Korea, China warns of ‘serious consequences’

Canadian plane patrols near North Korea, China warns of 'serious consequences' - Photo 1.

Canada’s CF-188 Hornet aircraft participates in the Canadian International Air Show in Toronto, Canada in September 2015 – Photo: REUTERS

According to Reuters news agency, on June 6, China’s Foreign Ministry warned Canada of “serious consequences” of any “risky provocation”, after the Canadian military last week accused Canada of war. Chinese aircraft harassed Canadian patrol plane that was monitoring compliance with US sanctions North Korea.

“The United Nations Security Council has never authorized any country to conduct military surveillance over the waters and airspace of another country in the name of enforcing sanctions,” the spokesman said. Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian told reporters.

Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters that the Canadian planes were taking part in a United Nations mission.

The Canadian leader called the harassment of the Chinese plane “irresponsible and provocative” and “putting people at risk and disrespecting the decisions of the United Nations in implementing enforce United Nations sanctions on North Korea.

Last week, Mr. Trudeau called the harassment against Canadian fighter jets “extremely disturbing”.

The Canadian military says that Chinese planes sometimes force Canadian planes to change course.

Meanwhile, Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, said that the Chinese military had taken reasonable measures to deal with Canada’s actions and had appealed to approve it. diplomatic channels.

In a statement, China’s Ministry of National Defense said that Canadian military planes had increased surveillance and “provocative” against China “under the pretext” of implementing United Nations Security Council resolutions. China, endangering China’s national security.

Tensions between China and Canada increased after Canada last month decided to ban the use of 5G equipment of Huawei Group (China) due to national security concerns.

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