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“Losing the cow and not daring to rebuild the barn is very bad”

On the afternoon of June 8, Governor of the State Bank Nguyen Thi Hong posted a forum, answering a series of “hot” issues in the banking sector, at the 3rd session of the 15th National Assembly.

Give loan with field real estate business agreed upon by the bank and the customer

Participating in the question, delegate Le Thanh Van (from Ca Mau delegation) said that the real estate market plays an important role in the economy. However, tightening credit for real estate can lead to consequences such as the market stagnation, the poor, especially the poor in urban areas, it is difficult to buy cheaper houses as desired.

Meanwhile, the management purpose of the state is to fight speculation and real estate bubbles. In fact, there are still many real estate businesses that do business seriously and in accordance with the law. As the head of the State Bank, delegate Le Thanh Van asked the Governor to specify solutions on monetary policy to ensure the healthy development of the real estate market?

National Assembly Chairman:

Delegate Le Thanh Van (Doan Ca Mau). Photo: QH

Delegate Do Thi Viet Ha – Delegation to the National Assembly of Bac Giang province again raised the question that the real estate market has been, is and is expected to continue to fluctuate. The state of speculative investors pushed land prices to unusually high levels in the auction, causing a virtual real estate fever, housing price bubbles, and market manipulation. Cash flow invested in real estate business very large, including loans from credit institutions. This situation also affects credit granting and collateral valuation of credit institutions. Besides, real estate lending is still a risky area for banking activities. Faced with the above situation, the delegate asked the Governor to specify more comprehensive and powerful tools and measures to more effectively manage and control the capital source for real estate loans?

In addition, there are many organizations and individuals that really need credit loans to buy investment, self-consumption houses, especially social houses, houses for workers, affordable commercial houses. cheap. What are the main solutions for the Governor to create favorable conditions for the above subjects to access capital?

Responding to delegate Le Thanh Van on the issue of real estate credit tightening, Governor Nguyen Thi Hong The real estate market consists of many subjects, attracting many other investment sources, credit is only one channel.

According to Ms. Hong, in recent years, the State Bank has had a policy of expanding credit along with safety and efficiency, directing cash flow into production and business, and controlling into the risk sector. The risk of capital loss is the most concern of banks. Loans only when customers meet all conditions.

Another big risk is liquidity. Real estate loans usually have long loan terms and great value. If the loan is not controlled, it is possible that when customers come to withdraw money, they have not yet claimed the long-term loan amount with real estate.

As for lending to the real estate business, Ms. Hong affirmed that banks and customers can agree on their own, but on the principle of ensuring safety.

National Assembly Chairman:

Governor Nguyen Thi Hong. (Photo: QH)

President of Congress: “Losing the cow and not daring to rebuild the barn is very bad”

Comment on this issue, National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue said that the real estate market, the bond market, the executives all said not to tighten, but in fact, since the beginning of the year until now, the market has been very cold, especially potential investors who want to raise capital to invest. It is very difficult to reverse debt or continue to make new investments. The same goes for the real estate market.

Therefore, the National Assembly Chairman said that it is necessary to inspect and supervise remotely, to avoid the case of “losing cows to build a barn”, according to the Chairman of the National Assembly, it is “very bad”, but if this happens, “Losing cows and then not daring to rebuild the barn to raise cows again is worse”, the National Assembly Chairman compared.

All markets must be transparent. On the one hand, they must strictly supervise and manage the market, and on the other hand, create favorable conditions for the market to develop.

“We are correct to deal with distortions and damage of the market, not that we close or limit the development of the market. Policies with finance and economy cannot be jerked, must be consistent and informed. transparent”, National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue added.

The National Assembly Chairman also asked the Minister of Construction Nguyen Thanh Nghi to answer more about the current situation of the real estate market, especially low-income projects, worker housing, social housing, and high-rise buildings. middle class that many potential business projects can still do.

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