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My life story

Husband does not care, is not close to his wife, has an affair, when I ask for a divorce, he cries and holds on

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself because my parents don’t understand me, then I think I am not loved as much as my brother, then I feel normal and happy. When I reached puberty, I also considered success because I was neither beautiful nor ugly. I study normally, my personality is quite stubborn, disruptive, perhaps due to the pampering of my family. Until I graduated 12th grade, I never thought I would know anyone for a long time because I was a bit mischievous and had a non-binding mindset. I also went through some unhappy relationships, so my personality is a bit jovial, I don’t consider love an important thing.

At first, I didn’t love him, I just found him gentle, suitable for family situations and everything. I used to be despised because my family background was not equal to others, so now I choose a boyfriend of the same level, the same age, in general, everything is the same size. A year later I received a confession from him. Besides, there is the appearance of a third person, a close friend. His mouth said he loved me, but everything was dear friend, it was tiring. How many times have I caught them taking each other to school with blatant lies, while I was in the same school. Then I decided to break up. After many breakups, I thought about going there or going there, if I didn’t love, I quit. To be honest, I have a sickness that hates the smell of a man’s body, so I can’t even work so hard just being around this person. After seven years of love, I didn’t understand the devil or the aggressive nature, so I engaged in marriage, the outcome was not very happy.

>> Mom worked hard all her life to make us happy

After getting married, I was ignored, until I became pregnant, I decided to go back to my mother’s house and not be a bride in that suffocating family anymore. After giving birth, as soon as I got out of the recovery room, I heard my mother-in-law say: “It’s not like this house at all”, but I was shocked and disappointed. The husband heard that, the more he did not care about his wife and children. How many times I thought I would give up, and then got depressed because for nearly ten years I heard my mother-in-law talk about that problem, while my husband’s relatives all recognized that my son was like his father. Sometimes I think it’s stupid, but I have parents so I don’t dare.

There are times when my child is sick, I call my husband, he tells me to go to work, while looking at his best friend’s personal page, I see them going to have a birthday party. I raise my children alone, every month my husband gives three or four million dong, not enough money for milk, but in the eyes of my husband’s family, I am a parasite and useless. The husband and wife story sometimes we are not close for a month. After six years of trying, I decided to have another baby, like a last hold on happiness. When I was pregnant, my mother got sick, my mother-in-law said to my mother: “You let me take care of you”, then her mother-in-law took care of the first day at the hospital, then gave it to a maid.

When my mother-in-law had another daughter-in-law, I understood more that I was not loved. People get pregnant first, ask a lot, then the mother-in-law said: “It’s too young, I don’t understand it”. The new bride doesn’t know how to cook or wash dishes, her mother-in-law said: “Miss is pampered, so it’s okay to go back and teach.”

>> End a miserable life by divorcing her husband

Then my husband once again had a new love outside. Immediately the water broke, I decided to divorce when my son was eight months old. He begged, cried, I thought again. Recently, I decided to end my marriage after three years. A friend who is a husband and father, but thinking like my husband, I suddenly understood that men don’t love me anymore but don’t want to give up, like they don’t need to throw it away but don’t give it up to anyone.

What do you think about my life? Not very tragic but also not very happy, sad and not sad more than anyone. The reason why I plan to leave my husband in three years is so that when my children enter primary school, they will be less clingy to their mothers, so they can have time to earn money and be able to take care of their children and elderly parents. Looking forward to receiving your comments.


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