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Naughty Dog reveals more about ‘The Last of Us’ remake

More information of the remake version The Last of Us for PC and PS5 has been revealed.

Follow Engadgetas a re-confirmation of the information leaked before the Summer Game Fest event, the remake of The Last Of Us Part I 2013 will launch on PlayStation 5 on September 2. Sony also brought a trailer with some stunning images of The Last of Us Part I and note the remake is also coming to PC soon. Includes Left Behind expansion.

Naughty Dog reveals more about 'The Last of Us' remake - photo 1
More details about the remake of The Last of Us Part I has been revealed

Summer Game Fest

Talking about the process of working on the game, the developers used the original performance of the old characters on a new artificial intelligence (AI), and completely refreshed the battles with the new characters. The effect has also been enhanced. The development team is also exploring the 3D sound, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggering of the DualSense controller. There will be more accessibility features than the original game, building on the expanded options in The Last of Us Part II. More details will be revealed in the coming months.

The remake is priced at $70. With the $80 Digital Deluxe version will be able to unlock some items and features early. The $100 Firefly edition alone will include all of that and include a gift of metal covers for the physical and 4-issue versions of the manga. The Last of Us: American Dreams.

The studio’s co-chairman, Neil Druckmann, director of the first two games in the series, spoke some details about the remake at Summer Game Fest. Druckmann said the game will be extremely large-scale, similar to the singles games the studio has worked on before. With its own storyline and new cast of characters, as well as a refreshed setting. The game is led by a team of veteran Naughty Dog employees who worked on the series. The Last of Us before, as well as games Uncharted. Details will be announced next year.

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