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A patient over the age of 2 years infected with SARS-CoV-2 with a high fever without deterioration is hospitalized in critical condition

According to Hai Phong Children’s Hospital, the unit recently received a rare case of severe COVID-19 with a high risk of death.

Hai Phong: A 2 year old child infected with SARS-CoV-2 with a high fever that does not go down is hospitalized in critical condition - Photo 1.

After 2 days of continuous dialysis, the patient was weaned off the ventilator, screaming fever but still had a poor prognosis

Based on information, on March 9, 2022 at 15:45 WIB, a 43-month-old PMK child in Dong Hoa, Kien An District, Hai Phong with COVID-19 was admitted to the Hai Phong Children’s Hospital with high fever, mental lethargy, increased muscle tone.

Immediately upon admission, the patient is transferred to a special room for people with COVID-19 in the Department of Infectious Diseases.

Here, a pediatric FMD patient was diagnosed by a physician with CRNN seizures/TD encephalitis/severe SARS CoV-2 infection. Therefore, the doctor assigned the patient to inhale oxygen at 2l/min, administer 0/9% NaCl and perform emergency tests. At 17.30 on the same day, the FMD patient appeared to be in a coma, high muscle tone, pale skin, so he was transferred to the Emergency Unit.

In the Emergency Unit, FMD was diagnosed with Grade III respiratory failure/fulminant encephalitis/cytokine storm monitoring/severe SARS CoV-2 infection.

The patient was given emergency treatment with mechanical ventilation, sedation, muscle relaxants, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories… and was immediately given continuous dialysis.

According to the patient’s family, 1 day before admission to the hospital (March 8), the FMD child had symptoms of continuous high fever (38 – 39.5 degrees), no cough, no vomiting, no shortness of breath, and normal personal hygiene. and tested at home for COVID-19. The family only gave fever-reducing medication, but there was no sign of improvement, but each time it got worse (all body seizures for about 3 minutes, mental lethargy…) so they were immediately taken to the emergency room.

According to CCII Doctor Tran Thi Ngoc Hoa – Deputy Director of Hai Phong Children’s Hospital, Encephalitis/SARS CoV-2 infection is a rare serious disease with a high mortality rate. For PM K’s pediatric patient, the hospital has been very urgent, actively providing emergency care and medication so far after 2 days of treatment, on the evening of March 9th the patient was weaned from mechanical ventilation, the patient’s mental signs improved. , no fever. However, disease progression will still have a severe prognosis.

Through this case, the Children’s Hospital doctor advised parents not to be subjective when their child had COVID-19 whether his condition was mild or asymptomatic. Parents need to monitor and care for their children closely, immediately detect abnormal signs in their children, and comply with child care at home in accordance with the guidelines for parenting and treating children with COVID-19 that have been announced by the Ministry of Health. .

Previously, on March 3, the Ministry of Health issued the “Guidelines for Home Care for COVID-19 Children”. In this guide, the Ministry of Health establishes clinical criteria for F0 children who are treated at home; Medicines, items… that the family needs to prepare are as follows:

3 clinical criteria for children with COVID-19 in home care

16-year-old children with confirmed COVID-19 infection by real-time RT-PCR or rapid antigen testing performed by caregivers at home or by medical staff or medical facilities.

Asymptomatic or with mild clinical symptoms (no difficulty breathing, no respiratory failure, SpO2 96% when inhaling, normal respiratory rate for age).

No underlying disease or underlying medical condition but receiving stable treatment

At the same time, there must be parents, relatives… who are able to maintain and monitor the health status of the child (collectively referred to as caregivers), and able to communicate with medical staff facilities (via various means) such as telephone, computer…) to be monitored, monitored and handled by medical personnel if a condition occurs

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