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The employee suddenly asked for 3 months of leave, and even taught life, after 5 lines of messages, the boss gave him a “bitter fruit” to miss his life.

In the process of working, dealing with colleagues has always been one of the most important and influential factors in a career. Therefore, most people try to maintain a gentle and polite manner in communicating with people in the same company. However, sometimes we’re not lucky enough to find ourselves in situations where we encounter “hard-to-reach” elements where ordinary kindness can hardly be applied.

Recently, in a group for employees on Facebook, a screenshot of a conversation between a boss and an employee appeared. Even though there were only a few lines of messages, the attitude of the staff surprised many.

The employee suddenly asked for 3 months off work, even appeared to teach life, after 5 lines of messages, the boss gave him a bitter fruit to remember his life - Photo 1.

Controversial message (Source: Tran Tuan Duy)

It can be seen that the man in the story above is constantly using the excuse of having an unexpected job to delay to the company. But instead of blaming, the boss remains gentle and constantly reminds the man of his attitude: “Have you finished the unexpected work, will you go to work this afternoon”, “When will it be, uncle. Please close the schedule for me” …

When he saw that the man kept making excuses for not making an appointment to go to work, the boss was furious and immediately replied: “I have to work more professionally in the future. We can’t wait a month, let alone 3 months. I hope you find another job that is more satisfying. It’s a shame to have to text you like that.”

After that, this employee also tried to respond to the boss, but it was childish in comparison: “Okay brother, you should also worry about your attitude. I work as a manager with such an attitude, how can I get talented people?” .

Many people commented on this situation. It can be seen that the employee in the story above has no respect for the boss and his work. Just use an excuse to be busy with this and that to put off going to the company for work. Remember, work is always done to be effective, not waiting for someone’s productivity to be late.

In addition, this is also an attitude learning for employees. When you have a busy job that requires a break (whether it’s really busy or not), find a good reason to quit. It also shows respect for the boss and the job, not that you’re intentionally getting it done to affect the overall effectiveness of the team.

Here are some amazing comments from netizens:

– The manager is very considerate. If you’re a pro, there’s no need to dig too deep. Just say you’re on leave or email me to quit. How can an employee talk about leaving work with his boss like that.

– This picture is lumina interface, so staff members must be Gen Y or Gen X. I don’t understand how after working for so long, quitting attitude is so boring.

– Unexpected leave for 2-3 months? So quit your job and always go to people for help, there to teach life. It takes 2-3 months to complete the quarterly KPIs, but that requires companies to wait. But the advice to managers is that next time in this case, don’t argue too much for a loss. Such a person is not worthy!

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