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The mother panicked when she saw the ultrasound image of the fetus in her stomach

Watching your little baby grow in the womb is a very exciting and exciting thing for any mother.

In the past, when science and technology had not yet developed, seeing a baby in the womb was a luxury for pregnant women, but now it has become very simple, even common. 5D-6D technology also helps people see clearly the baby’s face and shape even though it is a layer of skin and skin. amniotic sac.

Machines help mothers see their babies, but they can’t be 100% accurate and sometimes even create funny situations. And the story of this British mother, Tia Wittenborn, is an example.

Returning to ultrasound to show off the baby in the womb, the mother made more than 9 million viewers jump and tremble, declaring that she will lose sleep tonight - Photo 1.

Tia Wittenborn’s mother shared an ultrasound photo of her baby on social networks and caught the attention of the online community.

It is known that Tia is pregnant and is looking forward to the day to welcome her beautiful baby boy. During an ultrasound in mid-January, Tia could admire the baby in her tummy, but the ultrasound images made her a little “tremble”.

The video was shared by Tia on the TikTok social media account @tiahwittenborn and unexpectedly also made netizens excited. The video has garnered 9.4 million views and 848,000 likes and nearly 6,000 comments.

This mother admitted that she was shocked when she saw the results of the ultrasound.

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He wrote in the caption: “This is how my baby and I wanted to look in our ultrasound today.” The baby was captured at the exact moment with his mouth wide open as if he was yawning and even looking straight at the camera. Since it was a 2D ultrasound image, the baby’s face surprised many.

Tia, who married her partner at the age of 18, decided not to reveal her son’s name until he was born.

Back at the ultrasound to show off the baby in the womb, the mother shocked over 9 million viewers and then shuddered to say that she couldn't sleep tonight - Photo 3.

In the comments column, many netizens were also shocked by the photo shared by Tia. Many people who watched the video admitted that this little kid’s smile was cute, but also… scary.

One person wrote: “The picture made me jump, but the baby was smiling.” One person capitalized his comments: “OH MY GOD, CUTE BUT SUCCESSFUL BABY”.

Another person wrote: “I might have trouble sleeping tonight, that baby’s face looks scary.”

Others have shared hilarious stories about their own ultrasound photos, with one mother saying: “Yes! I’ve been in this situation too, my daughter looks like an astronaut in space”. Others joked: “My clever son even raised his middle finger to show his parents.”

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