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Waiting for Covid-19 to recover before going to the doctor, 9-day-old baby died

03/15/2022 17:54 GMT+7

A 9-day-old newborn baby has a congenital heart disease, delayed medical appointments leading to respiratory failure. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, the patient did not survive.

Before that, the mother and baby during pregnancy were diagnosed with congenital heart disease before birth. After the birth, the family planned to have the child checked for heart disease again, but unfortunately the family contracted Covid-19, the family thought that they would wait for the child to recover from Covid-19 before taking the child to the doctor. A few days before the hospital admission, the infant sucked poorly, on the 9th day after birth, the baby appeared pale and was taken to the hospital by family members.

BS CCII. Nguyen Tan Hung – Deputy Head of the Emergency Department, National Children’s Hospital, said that the child was admitted to the hospital in a state of cyanosis, respiratory failure, circulatory arrest. Immediately after being admitted to the hospital, the child was quickly given first aid by doctors and conducted paraclinical tests.

The child was diagnosed with a complex congenital heart disease, with a very severe decrease in myocardial contractility. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, the patient did not survive.

“If the patient was taken to the doctor by the family earlier, the child was monitored and evaluated, and then intervened and operated at the right time, at the right time, there would be no unfortunate incident,” said Dr. Hung.

Waiting for Covid-19 to recover before going to the doctor, 9-day-old baby died
The emergency department where the baby was treated when it was too late.

According to Dr. Hung, the Covid-19 epidemic is still very complicated, however, not because of the Covid-19 epidemic that ignores other diseases, children can still suffer from other common diseases such as respiratory infections. above, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, otitis media, intestinal infections…, especially children with underlying medical conditions, chronic diseases, are required to be periodically re-examined.

Some cases have to be re-examined on time, otherwise it will be life-threatening such as congenital heart disease, kidney failure, etc. Unlike epidemics, underlying diseases can be easily controlled right from the onset by periodic health checks.

Through monitoring body parameters, doctors can accurately assess the current health status and provide timely treatment.

Currently, all hospitals have a thorough screening and classification system for Covid-19 patients, said Dr. At the National Children’s Hospital, the hospital has performed well in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health to help patients feel secure to visit during the epidemic season.

Patients at risk, symptoms related to Covid-19 such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing … are allowed to go to a separate area and be examined in a separate area.

Even emergency patients who have not been tested for Covid-19 will be transferred to the emergency room in a separate area; Emergency personnel are equipped with protective gear to ensure patient safety.

Through this incident, the doctor recommends, parents need to actively monitor and recognize abnormal signs in their children, proactively take their children to the nearest medical facility in time, do not give up because of the epidemic. through the “golden time” to diagnose and treat children’s diseases.

For children with birth defects or chronic diseases, the family should have the child periodically re-examined according to the doctor’s appointment, avoiding the situation that the child is not examined and treated in time leading to dangerous complications. to children’s lives.

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