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Dozens of BMW i3s were dumped and damaged mercilessly

The Korea Times reports that the car rental company bought 200 i3s through a monthly installment program and then received a government subsidy.

When the company went bankrupt, the i3s were devalued, it turned out that the cars weren’t simply abandoned on the lawn.

It is known that BMW Korea approved the purchase of these cars in mid-2021 but it is clear that most of them are still parked here and become rotten. This YouTube clip takes us around the sites where i3s have been dumped all over the island, and while some of the cars look good, most of them are missing parts.

The video begins by showing dozens of i3s parked in a field near the urban area. Some of them are missing large body parts including the rear hatch, front bumper and hood. At least one has lost its door, leaving it in direct contact with the environment. A common sight of these i3s is bubbling windows.

The YouTuber then went to a nearby bus stop where six other i3s were found, one of which was also lost. Several other odd i3s were later found in a parking lot in the center of the island.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for these electric BMWs. While BMW Korea has apparently received court approval to buy them, the cost certainly won’t come cheap and shipping them out of Jeju Island will also be quite expensive.

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