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An abusive wife’s revenge plot

ChinaDisgusted by her husband’s drunken beatings all day, Ho Phuc Linh fell into the arms of two lovers, taking advantage of them.

Ho Phuc Linh was born in 1972 in Trac Chau countryside, Bao Dinh city, Hebei province, with a beautiful appearance that is why many people pursue. Linh is married to To Hoc Thanh, a man from the same hometown who has a tall figure, looks very suitable. But soon after getting married, Linh discovered that her husband was too lazy to work, had a tendency to be violent, and when he was drunk, he hit people, so he was extremely disappointed.

In 2000, Linh met Tong Bao Luong, more than 12 years old. Knowing Luong opened a coal yard, Linh asked him to accept Thanh, who was unemployed, to work. But despite having a job, Thanh still could not give up his bad habit of drinking and hitting people. With his wife, Thanh did not care, even beat and scolded if there was something unsatisfactory. Compared with Luong’s tenderness and kindness, Linh quickly had an affair with Luong.

When this story reached Thanh’s ears, he was angry, immediately quit his job at the coal yard, quietly followed and caught his wife red-handed. However, Thanh did not want a divorce, so he only dragged Linh home to fight.

Ho Phuc Linh

Ho Phuc Linh after being arrested. Photo: Sohu

But Linh has endured enough violent husbands, she cried and begged Luong to find someone to teach Thanh a lesson, otherwise she would be beaten to death by him. Luong hired local thugs to beat Thanh and hospitalized twice.

Thanh guessed that Luong was the one behind, so he plotted revenge. He took the initiative to find Liang, saying that he only needed to give him 5,000 yuan to open a shop, and then let the two come together. Luong immediately agreed. However, Thanh’s real plan is to make money from this shop, then buy a gun to kill his wife and love rival for humiliating himself. Thanh revealed the plan to his cousin, Ha Thuc Toan, because he thought he could help find sources to buy guns.

Thanh did not expect that Toan also had feelings for his wife. Right from the first meeting, Toan fell in love with Linh. Many times when he witnessed Linh being beaten by his cousin, Toan often comforted and helped. The two gradually form an off-the-wall relationship. One side agreed with his cousin, the other side informed Linh.

In November 2002, Linh went to Luong and told him about Thanh’s plan and persuaded his lover to take action first. Luong was also afraid of retaliation, so he decided to hire someone to kill Thanh. Li Yong, who served two years in prison for theft, accepted an offer to kill for 10,000 yuan.

But Thanh was very cautious, Dung did not find an opportunity to act immediately. While impatient, Linh suggested Toan invited Thanh to a remote place to beat the disabled. She promised to settle Thanh will live with Toan. Under the seduction of the beauty, Toan forgot brotherly love and agreed without hesitation.

Tong Bao Luong in court.  Photo: Sohu

Tong Bao Luong in court. Photo: Sohu

On February 15, 2003, Thanh heard Toan said that he had found a gun dealer, followed his cousin to the place of transaction. Dung waited there, pulled out a knife and stabbed Thanh. Toan panicked when he saw his cousin’s life taken, and went to Linh to advise him to confess. She thinks Toan is a potential danger, so she negotiates with Luong and Dung to “solve” Toan, avoiding disclosure.

After that, Linh tricked Toan into taking refuge for a while with Luong and Dung, waiting for her to finish unfinished business. Before leaving, Linh made rice, put poison in the wine for Toan to drink so that the other two could easily kill him on the road. They dumped Toan’s body on the outskirts of the city, just a few hundred meters away from the damaged city.

The next day, police discovered Toan’s body, combined with Thanh’s body discovered the day before nearby, Linh was considered an important suspect. On February 17, Linh was arrested. Just a few days later, Dung and Luong were arrested respectively while hiding in Tianjin and Shanxi.

In November 2003, the court sentenced Luong and Dung to death for the crime of Attempted murder, executed on April 28, 2004. Linh received the death sentence, delayed execution for two years.

Tue Anh (According to 163, QQ, Sohu)

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