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Actor Vu Hai passed away

HanoiVu Hai – played Hung Ca Ro in the movie “The Judge”, Won the movie “Flavor of Friendship” – died at 5pm 10/4 of cancer, age 62.

Master Dang Tam Thuan – who has participated in many films with Vu Hai – said that the actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of last year, after filming the movie. Mirror mask. He was treated at 108 Military Central Hospital, his condition worsened two months ago. Vu Hai and his wife have a daughter and a son.

“Brother Hai is a gentle person who gets along with everyone. He is always serious and dedicated to his work. At the Hanoi Martial Arts Association, he is active, contributing to the organization of many major tournaments, holding the position of deputy general secretary,” said martial artist Dang Tam Thuan. He and some friends in the Hanoi Martial Arts Association and his family took care of Vu Hai’s aftermath.

Master Vu Hai.  Photo: Facebook Hai Vu

Martial arts master Vu Hai has a charm to act through many TV series. Image: Facebook Two Vu

Vu Hai was born in 1960 in a family with a martial tradition. Thanks to martial arts, he had a passion for movies, and was invited by many directors to direct and choreograph action sequences in the film. After that, he directly acted in 40 works, playing roles such as Dung film Silver Swamp, Movies mysterious testament, Hai film Raindrops, Movie language flying flowers, Movie King Question number 5. His characters are mostly rough gangsters, with many risky scenes. Vu Hai always aspires to introduce traditional martial arts through movies.

His most notable role is Hung Ca Ro – an effective henchman of tycoon Phan Quan in Judge. Although appearing few, the character impresses thanks to his brave and brazen personality.

Last year, the actor appeared in the movie The taste of friendship, as Thang, a gangster disguised as a businessman. Thang fell in love with Sa, so he forced her to marry her and gave birth to a daughter. After that, he died because his wife and juniors conspired with betrayal.

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