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The giants of the West won the jackpot, got richer and richer, and the end made everyone regret it

Go to Can Giuoc (Long An) and ask about the once-rich family named N, everyone knows. Because more than a decade ago, Mr. N was among the wealthiest in the region, owning a series of large houses and a bonsai farm… Then he continued to get richer when consecutively winning the jackpot that made many people jealous. But who would have thought that it was that luck that pushed him to the path of bankruptcy, having to work as a hired pig.

Rich get richer by winning the lottery

Mr. N’s family is the richest in the region when he has a hectare of bonsai farm, and also owns a carpentry workshop in Can Giuoc and has several large houses located right in front of the highway. Everyone admires that he and his wife know how to tell each other to do business, so “money comes back like water”.

After that, Can Giuoc began to flourish, so there was a movement of people playing lottery tickets in the hope that they could change their lives and become a giant like Mr. N. At this time, it is speculated that there must be only Mr and Mrs. N in that country. I don’t play the lottery because I’m already rich, and I still dream of “changing my life”. However, he also practiced buying a few lottery tickets to play.

Unexpectedly, the money has flowed to the valley when Mr. N continuously won the jackpot. Initially, he won a prize of 1.5 billion VND – a “super” amount at the moment. The whole Can Giuoc district was happy for his family, even someone had to say “get richer and richer”. But there are also people who are jealous of his lucky number and “curse” him to soon be broke, falling into a dead end like many other lottery giants.

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Mr. N and his wife – the giants of the West in the past.

After receiving the reward, Mr. N was more aggressive with his money, so he no longer cared about work. He began to learn how to live the life of a real rich man: every morning he crossed his legs to drink coffee or drink with friends, not working hard as before. Occasionally, he would change the wind to rent a car for friends to go to Saigon to have fun until bored, then return to Long An.

Besides playing and enjoying himself, Mr. N began to trust more. He scattered “fortune” everywhere with the concept that if luck was to come, God would give it. Whenever someone complained of poverty, he was ready to pull out a loan file in his pocket without needing to return it. Meanwhile, his wife and children were even more sceptical, afraid of the scene of “eating the mountain avalanche” so they advised him to wake up but failed.

The ending makes everyone sad

With the concept of “God’s gift, let’s spend it” pushed Mr. N into the wrong step at the same time. The wealth in the house kept “wearing a hat” to leave, his previous business fortune gradually disappeared, causing him to sell off many street houses to have money to play and satisfy his passion for buying the lottery. It is said that he was so confused by the “god” that he slept day and night dreaming of winning the lottery. So anyone who passed the house with a file of lottery tickets, he called to buy it in the hope of winning the lottery many more times.

“I won the lottery but after that there was no more luck. I was so crazy about buying lottery tickets that I had to take out a loan. Initially, the amount of debt was only a few million, gradually increasing to hundreds of millions of dong. His mother’s interest made him a debtor who had to sell his house to pay off the debt… Then I won 3 more jackpots… and went back to being a giant,” said Mr. N.

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With the concept of “God’s gift, let’s spend it” pushed Mr. N into the wrong step at the same time.

The thought that being a giant again will help Mr. N learn from experience, practice business… Unexpectedly, he continued to fall into an unexpected tragedy. With the habit of playing debauchery from before, he continued to have more fun, spend money without regret… Therefore, after only a year of being a giant for the second time, he was empty-handed when he had to sell all his possessions to pay his debts. .

“At that time, his wife and children went to their relatives’ house to stay, but he himself was silent and no one knew. Only then did his relatives hear that he lived alone in a ragged hut and raised pigs to feed himself for the day. His wife and children begged him many times to return, but because of his face, he did not return. More than that, he was still in debt, so he was afraid that he would be strangled when he returned home.

If he hadn’t changed his behavior and continued to do business as he did in the past, he would have become a famous giant in this area by now,” said a neighbor who lived next to the old house of Mr. N’s family. good.

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