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Harpers Ferry Ancient Village – where slavery ended in America

Thai Thanh – Cong Tung (TV reporter in the US)Saturday, April 16, 2022 07:00 GMT+7

As a town in Jefferson County, West Virginia, USA, more than 150 km west of Washington DC, Harpers Ferry is the place where slavery ended in America, and during the American Civil War, it was the extreme point. north of the territory controlled by the Confederacy.

The houses and bookstores are still preserved for more than 200 years. And the place that is considered the headquarters of the town still keeps official documents and papers of the government and people. The house next door is a grocery store that sells everything from alcohol and candy to shoes and clothes.

Mr. Hujh – Harpers Ferry Town, West Virginia, USA said: “Our shop has been in business since 1880, normally there is no steam iron, but two years ago, due to the epidemic, the need for laundry , antiseptic increased, so it was added”.

Harpers Ferry ancient village - where slavery ended in America - Photo 1.

Happer Ferry is the place where slavery ended in the United States, this was also the place with a developed industry, the mark today is the production of guns and gunpowder.

Mr. Robert – Tourist from California, USA said: “Come here, help guests see a re-enactment of a period of American history. We just walked on the bridge, saw the train, the railway… very different. different from other places in America, from the architecture, to the stories that we read here.”

Happer Ferri is where the Potomac and Shenadoa rivers meet, bridges connecting the confluences that have replaced ferries for more than 100 years. But this is also the first place on American soil to form a railroad junction. To avoid flooding, one line was run on wooden beams and is still operating and serving people’s needs.

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