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The hyenas teamed up to “overthrow” the brutal leader

The hyena is an important species of most African ecosystems. They possess strong teeth, capable of tearing very tough meat. The hyena is considered one of the most greedy carnivores on land, able to kill large species such as zebras, wildebeest, and wild buffalo.

Even the ability to run fast allows them to chase some birds at close range.

The hyenas join forces to

Hyenas usually live in herds with a female as the leader (Image: News).

Hyenas often live in groups, often clashing with lions or leopards to steal their food. In these encounters, hyenas are rarely killed because of their reckless nature, sharp teeth and herd lifestyle, they often overwhelm their opponents in numbers.

With any pack of hyenas there is always a leader. It is usually a female hyena. But this is very rare in the wildlife world. With an average height of about 2.8m, weighing nearly 59kg, the female hyena is responsible for protecting the whole herd safely.

The hyenas join forces to

This is one of the dangerous animals in the grasslands of Africa (Photo: News).

The grasslands of Africa are inherently dangerous places. In it, the lion is the enemy of the hyena. Therefore, the way for the whole swarm to survive is to have a strong enough leader. But over the years, the leader hyenas began to become more aggressive. When he saw two female hyenas in the herd kill an antelope, the leader immediately “lifted his hand”. It took the bait, causing the two “lower status” members to starve.

Not only that, but it also bullies the weak members of the herd, including the mother hyena who is nursing her young. Gradually, this “leader” appeared to lose control. It has many behaviors that are beyond the tolerance of the whole pack. Survival in the African grasslands is inherently not easy, plus the leader is increasingly fierce, the whole herd decides to join hands to “topple” it.

The hyenas join forces to

The leader was attacked by the whole swarm (Photo cut from the clip).

If in a one-on-one fight, the leader hyena easily defeated any member, now it has to fight the whole pack. They surround female hyenas as in hunting. Each hyena has an estimated bite force of 454kg. This bite force is enough to break a giraffe’s thigh bone.

When attacked by the whole pack, the leader is quickly eliminated and can become prey for his fellow humans. But they stop. The leading female only injured her hind legs. The rest of the pack look for a new leader. Meanwhile, the old leader is left alone, defenseless and surrounded by enemies.

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