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What animal can’t stand without bones?

There are trick questions that can easily “trick” your brain if you are simply thinking in the usual way. For example, a question from the program Lightning Fast: “Whoever laughs, I laugh with, whoever cries, I cry with whom. What is it?”. The answer, of course, is not a rare confidant, but the MIRROR. Whenever you are sad, happy, crying, smiling, looking in the mirror, of course, the image in the mirror will accurately reflect 100% of the mood that the owner is. To speak “Whoever laughs, I laugh with, whoever cries, I cry with everyone” is so.

Back to the Vietnamese quiz above:

What animal can’t stand without bones?

Vietnamese quiz: What has so many limbs/ Tails you can't see, but have two heads?  When I read it, I was scared, I was surprised when I heard the ANSWER - Photo 1.

Can you imagine what has such a strange “appearance”? In fact, science has not discovered such a “horror” or “what” yet. The main answer is: SUPPORT. This is a “personification” question, which is easy to make players “brainstorm” if thinking in the usual literal sense.

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