Ho Chi Minh City requires all citizens to wear masks

One of the six general safety criteria for the Covid-19 epidemic that has just been issued by Ho Chi Minh City is wearing a mask.

The newly issued set of safety assessment criteria in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic for Ho Chi Minh City’s activities, industries and fields will replace all previous decisions.

To adapt safely, flexibly, and effectively control the Covid-19 epidemic in the area, Ho Chi Minh City offers 6 general safety criteria, including: Wearing a mask, ensuring air, and injecting vaccines. Covid-19disinfecting, controlling people coming to places, plans for epidemic prevention.

Accordingly, the city requires all residents to wear masks when participating in activities. This does not apply to preschool children; people who are performing arts, practicing or competing in sports; people eating…

To ensure air safety, all doors and windows must be opened regularly during working and living time… Particularly for enclosed spaces, measures must be taken to ventilate.

The rate of vaccination of people who must have enough doses according to age or those who have recovered from Covid-19 disease under 3 months must reach 90%. Facilities use QR codes to manage information of people entering, leaving and not exceeding the capacity of the location.

Ho Chi Minh City stipulates that all people must wear masks-1
People in Ho Chi Minh City returned to have fun at Bui Vien pedestrian street when the epidemic was gradually brought under control.

In which, social assistance, detention and drug addiction treatment establishments must ensure the criteria for medical management and care, and staff are trained in epidemic prevention and control; make a list of people in risk groups; screening for nCoV for newcomers to the facility; layout of isolation area F0

Besides the general set of criteria, Ho Chi Minh City also stipulates a set of specific criteria including 9 criteria applied according to the activities, industries and fields of agencies, units and enterprises.

Dormitories, boarding areas of educational institutions are arranged with isolation areas F0 and living rooms must ensure an average area of ​​at least 4 m2/person…

The production facility needs a medical department; isolation area for F0. In addition to spacing or installing partitions, cleaning and disinfecting before and after each meal shift.

Accommodation establishments must control, manage and take care of guests coming to stay. Education and training institutions must ensure that the minimum floor area of ​​preschool classes and kindergartens is 1.5 m2/child; from 24 m2/room for children and 36 m2/room for kindergarten.

For primary school, the average area per student is 1.25 m2 and for secondary school is 1.5 m2; ensure safety in boarding activities.

In addition, Ho Chi Minh City also stipulates safety criteria in food service organization. In which, the dining area must not exceed the serving capacity; people traveling in the area must wear masks; proper spacing; Enough eating utensils to ensure separate for each person.

According to the assessment of the set of criteria, if the safety level reaches over 80%, the unit will continue to operate; 70%-80% is moderate safety, the unit continues to operate and within 48 hours must correct the failure criteria.

If the safety level is below 70% or the general safety criteria are not met, the unit will temporarily stop working and have to fix it.

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