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Seeing my future sister-in-law dressed casually, I was extremely disappointed until I overheard her “business” phone call.

April 22, 2022 07:14 GMT+7

Future sister-in-law went out to answer the phone. At the same time, I went to the garden to pick vegetables, so I overheard her conversation.

My brother is an architect. The economy in the house is largely thanks to him. I’m in college and live off of the money you give me every month. Therefore, in my eyes, my brother is a wonderful, responsible man.

So when he introduced his girlfriend, not only me but also my parents were surprised and somewhat disappointed. Because his girlfriend seems sloppy, does not focus on appearance. In front of her lover’s family, she didn’t even wear makeup, just put on some lipstick. The clothes she was wearing didn’t match her body shape, so she looked older than her age. Also, when she pulled out her phone, I was even more disgruntled. What era has the future sister-in-law still used a “brick” phone from afar (later I found out that it was a Vertu phone, high-end line).

Thinking that the future sister-in-law was poor, I thought that she was not worthy of my brother. Moreover, my brother also spoiled and cared for his lover little by little, making me more eye-catching.

I used the excuse to cook, so I went to the garden to pick vegetables. At that time, the future sister-in-law also went out to talk on the phone. I accidentally heard her phone call and I panicked.

– I asked Tuan to hurry up. That land must be purchased immediately. If the owner doesn’t want to sell, I’ll just ask Mr. Tuan to give him a few hundred million more. 11 billion, but if you have more, you have to buy it for her.

I blushed, quickly went in and pulled my brother’s hand to a corner to talk. I told him what I heard. My brother sighed and said that his lover is a director of a real estate company and intends to expand his business in the restaurant and hotel segment. Her money is not lacking. It’s just that she’s used to a simple way of life, so people often misunderstand. She herself did not want to appear rich and distant from everyone, so she told him to hide her profession.

I heard my brother say that I was ashamed of my actions and eyes at first for my future sister-in-law. Should I apologize to her for an hour?


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