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Meghan’s neighbor revealed the shocking truth that left the couple speechless

Recently, Prince Harry caused a storm in the media and social networks when he made a series of remarkable statements in an interview with the US NBC station while he was attending the Olympics in the Netherlands.

One of the controversial statements of the Duke of Sussex is that he declares America as his new home, he considers this country as his home. Harry claims he has been recognized by the community of Montecito welcome with “open arms”. However, recently, people living around the Harry – Meghan family have spoken out against the 37-year-old prince’s statement.

Locals said that the Sussex family had completely “disappeared” since the couple moved to Montecito, Santa Barbara, California, USA in July 2020. Meghan and her husband did not interact with people living around. They always stay in a lavish mansion worth nearly 15 million USD. Residents insist that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle “haven’t become part of the community” of residents here.

Meghan's neighbor revealed a shocking truth that made the couple speechless - Photo 1.

The million-dollar mansion where the Sussexes live in the US.

Described as the “Cotswolds of California,” the Santa Barbara town of Montecito boasts pristine beaches and heavily guarded gated complexes. The people here, public or not, are also known for their zero-tolerance policy towards paparazzi.

Last week, in an interview with NBC’s Today show, Harry praised Montecito as “a great community”. But Harry’s words baffled some of the neighbors. They do not know what the Duke of Sussex relied on to make the above statement when he has not really adjusted to this place.

Richard Mineards, a reporter for Montecito Magazine, told the Times: “Harry and Meghan aren’t part of the community yet and I think a lot of people are really worried about it. It’s a place to hang out, the view is great, but they never show their face. The question is ‘where are they?’“.

Meghan's neighbor revealed the shocking truth that made the couple speechless - Photo 2.

Meghan and her husband are said to have a closed life, not interacting with anyone.

Sources say the Duke of Sussex has yet to even visit Old Kings Road – an English-style bar on the main street of Santa Barbara. In fact, although the couple is known to have relationships with many celebrities, they have not been seen to have any meetings or exchanges.

Many sources said, Meghan and Harry do not have too many close friends in the US. They also do not participate in any community activities in their area. Some commented that, once again, the Duke of Sussex was not telling the truth. He tries to act like he’s fine in America, accepted by everyone, but in reality he’s not.

Before the comments of the neighbors above, the Sussexes did not give any response.

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