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Disappointed in the passive husband

We knew each other for four or five months before we got married because at that time my mother urged a lot. Living together, I found that everything my husband had to let his wife remind me to do.

I am 32 years old, my husband is five years older than me, and I have a three year old daughter. I’m pretty good looking but not smart, I’ve also tried to fix it but only partially. At that time, I saw him as a gentle, non-smoker, little drinker, the eldest son of a large family. I later learned that he rarely interacted, so his external relationship was also less.

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Thinking that he was older than me, being the eldest son would know how to take care of the family, after a year of marriage, I knew that my husband was passive. From a young age, my parents and siblings arranged everything. After that, I also learned a little bit. By the time I got married, I was like the breadwinner of the family. My wife and I are both workers in Binh Duong, staying in hostels. Whatever my husband does, let me remind him and then do it. I often forgot about work, he also ignored it, talked a lot, so the husband and wife argued again. Now I’m tired and frustrated with my husband, what should I do?


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