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Notice these 3 signs in men, you should stay away

It is very normal to be in love or living under the same roof and feel disgusted and conflicted with each other. It is important that we find out where the cause comes from, what the root problem is. And especially to see if both sides can try to heal or change to fix it. Surely this is a story many women notice and care about, because sometimes because of patience and sacrifice, you forget your legitimate feelings. whenever man There are 3 signs below, women should seriously reconsider their relationship.

Live too rationally, don’t want to argue with emotions

Whether it is with men or women, it is not okay to be too rational or too emotional, we should still balance and harmonize. Especially in the marital relationship, love or even friends, colleagues, the two factors of reason and feeling must not be too different. Usually men will be more rational, they want to argue with logical arguments, but life doesn’t always work on principles of logic.

If you see these 3 signs in a man, you should rethink the relationship before it's too late - Photo 1.


For example, a husband goes out to meet friends, drink coffee to promote relationships, build more partners. Meanwhile, his wife is pregnant and sick, lying at home without anyone to take care of him. The husband is still determined to go because he thinks that outside relationship will help him make money. And then when the wife got angry, the husband used his own argument, that only earning money can support his wife and children. In this case, the woman has every right to be angry and follow her feelings.

With delicate men, they will not only use reason to determine things, but also have feelings and thoughts for their loved ones. On the contrary, for those who are tough to the point of insensitivity, the pain will be all over the woman’s shoulders. When he can’t have the right conversation, he’s probably not the man for you.

Always put your wife behind other relatives

A man after marriage will need to balance many relationships in the family. One side is his wife and children, the other is his parents, brothers and sisters. It is difficult for us to determine which side should be placed first and given priority attention. But as long as you don’t blindly treat one side well and forget about the other half.

There have been many cases where a husband makes as much money as he can bring back to his parents and siblings, leaving his wife and children behind. Sometimes it’s to pay off the debt, but sometimes they do it because they want to take care of their loved ones from a young age. Don’t say if this situation persists, the person who gets hurt will always be the wife and children.

Getting married and living in the same house with someone is not a simple matter, requiring a man to have a calculation and arrangement in advance. The inability to balance relationships is the result of carelessness, unpredictability. And then that marriage will be difficult to last, because a woman’s endurance is limited.

If you see these 3 signs in a man, you should rethink the relationship before it's too late - Photo 2.


There is no will to progress and only know how to criticize others for being pragmatic

With pragmatists, they certainly will not enter into relationships with poor men. When a woman chooses to stick with a man who does not have many things in her hand, it is because she believes in love, believes in the other person to have the will to advance to co-communicate with suffering, and later to rise to success and wealth. But if the man does not have the will to go forward, all your hopes will be in vain.

On the other hand, often such people, who have not tried to do business, strive to build a career, are engrossed in entertainment, they often criticize others for being pragmatic. A happy marriage today cannot be “one thatched hut, two hearts of gold”. So when you meet people with this expression, you should leave and do not continue a relationship with no future. qua-muon-20220426173156652.chn

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