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The price of new textbooks for grades 3, 7, 10 is higher than the current set of books

According to the Decisions of the Minister of Education and Training approving the list of books used in general education institutions, the ministries textbook Grade 3, Grade 7, Grade 10 of Vietnam Education Publishing House, including Connecting Knowledge to Life and Creative Horizons, will be taught across the country from the 2022-2023 school year.

The price of these sets of books is 3 times higher than current textbooks. According to the Vietnam Education Publishing House, the price increase is partly due to the higher number of books in each series. The number of additional books in the new series mainly serves subjects such as Physical Education, Experiential Activities, and Career.

In addition, books increase in price because they are designed in the direction of developing the quality and capacity of students, enhancing images and larger book sizes. The publisher said that the price of the new textbooks mentioned above has been declared with the Price Management Department – the Ministry of Finance in accordance with regulations.

Grade 3 textbooks range from 177,000 VND/set to 183,000 VND/set (excluding English books).

Grade 7 textbooks range from 208,000 VND/set to 209,000 VND/set (excluding English books).

Grade 10 textbooks range from 246,000 VND/set to 301,000 VND/set (depending on the combination of subjects and study topics that students choose). The price of the 10th grade textbook includes the total price of the book covers of 5/7 compulsory subjects (Mathematics, Literature, Defense and Security Education, Physical Education, Experiential activities, career guidance), 5 selected subjects. choose and 3 study topics.

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