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Comedian died suddenly in a hotel, enjoying the age of 43

According to information the Clark County Sheriff’s Office provided to People, comedian Donny Davis was sudden death for alcohol poisoning and fentanyl pain reliever, enjoy the positive age 43. His body was found in a room at the Resorts World hotel and casino chain in Las Vegas this past February. The Las Vegas Police Department said that the investigation into the actor’s death is still ongoing.

A few days after the actor’s body was found, the Clark County Fire Station reported that there were signs of suspicion that Donny Davis was harmed because of the expressions of those present in the room that day. In the document, hotel security called Donny Davis’s room at the hotel about a man who lost consciousness around 5:30 a.m.

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Actor Donny Davis

Four witnesses were questioned for statements, while Donny Davis was taken to Sunrise Hospital. However, after that, the comedian could not survive. A female witness reported to police that she and a few friends met Donny and another man at the Dawg House hotdog shop inside the Resorts World bar area in the middle of the night. A bartender is said to have refused to serve more drinks to Donny Davis because he was too drunk.

At about 3:30 the next morning, Donny returned to his room. And it wasn’t until 5 a.m. that the female witness and a group of friends came to the actor’s room. As soon as she entered the room, this girl saw Donny sitting on a chair, but his face and hands turned purple, his body stiffened, his teeth biting his tongue. Noticing an abnormality, this girl approached, realized that Donny was no longer breathing, so she called the hotel security team urgently.

Donny Davis has participated in many famous projects. He was noticed after becoming a dancer imitating Britney Spears in 2013. This male artist also appeared on the talk show program. Chelsea Lately and famous movie Pain & Gain together Mark Wahlberg, The Rock.

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Donny is an artist familiar with a series of cult stars like Britney Spears…

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