Seeing the couple kissing, the young man lamented sadly

Seeing a 60-year-old man with a beautiful and young girlfriend, the young man sadly reflected on himself and then exclaimed that he did not know what was wrong.

Recently, a Netizens in Sichuan, China posted pictures of a 60-year-old man embracing his beautiful young lover on the street and exclaiming: “In the end, what do I lose? Where’s the mistake?”causing a stir in public opinion.

According to the boy’s share, at the time he was eating late at a roadside restaurant, he suddenly saw a new scene. A man in his 60s took a young, beautiful girl out to dinner.

At first, the young man thought it was a father and son going out to eat late at night, but when the two talked, they called out “honey” and “honey” and even hugged and kissed him intimately, making the boy dizzy and broke. that it was a couple.

Seeing the couple kissing, the young man lamented sadly-1
The scene made the young man “stagger”, confused to ask himself.

During the conversation, the man shared that he had just received his pension, so he wanted to take his girlfriend out to eat and go out and promised to give all his pension money to his young girlfriend, for her to manage. .

On the contrary, the young girlfriend also happily accepts and guarantees that she will make her lover happy in the future. After eating, the two were very affectionate and comfortable kissing in front of many people.

Seeing this scene, the guy was a bit confused, thinking back to himself, his appearance was not bad, he also had a decent job that was difficult to find. loverhe had to say: “What do I lose in the end? Where’s the mistake?”.

After the guy’s share was posted, it quickly received attention. Most people think that the reason many young girls choose a boyfriend/husband much older than them is because such men are economically stable, have more money than young people, and most importantly are very loving. pm girlfriend/wife.

According to Dan Viet

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